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New Music Releases December 2010

Archuleta, David.  The Other Side of Down                                        MA ARCH OSO J08

Beethoven.  Early String Quartets                                                      F BEET ESQ D48

Beethoven.  Late String Quartets                                                       F BEET LSQ D49

Chesney, Kenny.  Hemingway’s Whiskey                                             MC CHES HW B45

Clapton, Eric.  Clapton                                                                        MR CLAP CLA R25

Evans, Faith.  Something About Faith                                                 R&B EVAN SAF E40

Florence & the Machine.  Lungs                                                          MR FLOR LUN U40

Franti, Michael.  Sound of Sunshine                                                    Q FRAN SOS C52

Keith, Toby.  Bullets In the Gun                                                          MC KEIT BIT S92

Kings of Leon.  Come Around Sundown                                              MR KING CAS R68

Kole, Hilary.  Haunted Heart                                                                MJ KOLE HH J43

Legend, John.  Wake Up                                                                      R&B LEGE WU G82

London, Louis.  Solo Piano For Love, Peace & Mermaids                       MJ LAND SPF L13

Mars, Bruno.  Doo Wops & Hooligans                                                   MR MARS DWA N93

Rucker, Darius.  Charleston, SC. 1966                                                  MC RUCK CSC C29

Seal.  Commitment                                                                               MR SEAL COM R43

Shakira.  Sale El Sol                                                                              Q SHAK SES E33

Smith, Michael.  Wonder                                                                       MG SMIT WON R53

Stewart, Rod.  Fly Me To the Moon                                                       MA STEW FMT J09

Third Day.  Move                                                                                   MG THIR MOV E21

Tunstall, KT.  Tiger Suit                                                                         MR TUNS TS V65

Various.  NOW Christmas 4                                                                     R COLL NC4 E48

Various.  Gotta Have Gospel 8                                                                MG COLL GHG8 I76

Various.  WOW Hits 2011                                                                       MG COLL WHT W25

Wright, Lizz.  Fellowship                                                                         MJ WRIG FEL V90


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