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New DVDs for November, 2010


Aainaate (Foreign Film – India)                                                        #12662

Agora (Rachel Weisz)                                                                    #12644

Don’t Let Me Drown                                                                     #12647

Girl Who Played With Fire, The (Foreign Film – Sweden)                    #12669

I Am Love (Foreign Film – Italy)                                                      #12634

Jonah Hex                                                                                   #12659

Karate Kid, The (2010)                                                                 #12621

Killer Inside Me, The (Casey Affleck)                                                #12620

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)                                                     #12610

Please Give (Katherine Keener)                                                      #12646

Predators (Adrien Brody)                                                               #12642

Sex and the City 2                                                                        #12676

Splice (Sci-Fi)                                                                                #12632

Square, The                                                                                 #12619

Survival of the Dead (Horror)                                                          #12660

Winter’s Bone                                                                               #12674

You Don’t Know Jack (Al Pacino)                                                     #12668


Art of the Steal (Art – the Barnes Collection)                                     708.148 Art

Big Bang Theory – Complete Third Season                                        #12655

Caprica: Season 1.0                                                                       #12640

Glee: Complete First Season                                                           #12658

Guardian, The:  Season Two                                                          #12622

In Treatment: Season Two                                                            #12639

Scottsboro – An American Tragedy (Scottsboro Trial)                        345.761 Sco

Scrubs: Complete and Final Ninth Season                                         #12616

Silent Greats: The Ultimate Collection                                             #12638

Tudors, The – The Final Season                                                     #12657

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art documentaries

Thank you Harriet for purchasing the ART OF THE STEAL.  I have already viewed it ibut will view it again.  The documentary  is one of many recent works that are well done about the world of art.  Another one that I  highly recommend is HERB and DOROTHY. It is an amazing true story of a New York couple who are average people who have collected a fortune in art before the art itself became fashionnable.  They are a remarkable couple who selflessly donated their entire collection to the Smithsonian and did not seek personal gaim.  It is in stark contrast to the estate battle in The Art of the Steal. I was recently at the Roundabout Theatre and saw a Language Archive.  It was not surprising that Dorothy was there.  My daughter accompanied me and had seen both documentaries as well at my recommendation.  She was very excited when she spotted Dorothy entering the lounge. We approached her and had a wonderful conversation.  She shared that Herb was now 88 and really did not get out.  He feels safer at home but Dorothy has a cell phone and gets around town.  She is a Roundabout subscriber and a modest philanthropist. The two documentaries are a stark contrast in values.  Personally, I am with Herb and Dorothy on this one.  They got it right. They have the respect of so many and have left a wonderful legacy to this country.