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September Nonfiction Audiobooks


BCD B Luce

    The Publisher: Henry Luce and his American Century by Alan Brinkley. Read by Sean runnette.  17 discs.  22 hours.

BCD B Moore

    The Other Wes Moore: one name, two fates by Wes Moore. Read by the author. 5 discs. 6 hours.

"This is a fascinating book about two young men from Baltimore with the same name. One, the author, became a Rhodes Scholar while the other landed in jail. It’s as much a meditation on circumstance and luck as it is a commentary on how successful our society is in managing those who are on the precipice, both socially and economically." AudioFile 6/2010 

BCD B Obama

   The Bridge: the life and rise of Barack Obama by David Remnick. Read by Mark Deakins. 20 discs. 20 hours.

BCD B Winfrey

   Oprah: a biography by Kitty Kelley. Read by the author. 16 discs. 20 hours.

BCD 070.4 Cortell

     The Media: journalism in crisis

by Neal Cortell. Read by Morton Dean. 4 discs. 3+ hours. 

BCD 201.5 Bstan

     Toward a True Kinship of Faiths: how the world’s religions can come together by the Dalai Lama. Read by Richard Gere. 5 discs. 6 hours.  

BCD 248.4 Osteen

     Living in Favor, Abundance and Joy by Joel Osteen.  Read by the author.  5 discs.  5+ hours.

BCD 296.3118 Kushner

     When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner. Read by the author. 1 disc. 1 hour.

BCD 332.609 Dent

     How to Prosper in a Downturn: your path to success and fulfillment in the next ten years by Harry S. Dent, Jr. Read by the author. 2 discs. 2 hours.

BCD 344.7303 Landmark

     Landmark: the inside story of America’s new health-care law and what it means for us all by the staff of the Washington Post. Read by Pam Ward. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD 364.1524 Sides

     Hellhound on his Trail: the stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the international hunt for his assassin

by Hampton Sides. Read by the author. 12 discs. 15 hours.

BCD 364.163 Markopolos

     No One Would Listen: a true financial thriller by Harry Markopolos. Read by Scott Brick. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

"How did Bernie Madoff keep his Ponzi scheme going for two decades? That’s the question Markopolos answers in this account of his failed crusade to expose the fraud." AudioFile 6/2010 

BCD 613 Amen

     Change your Brain, Change your Body: use your brain to get and keep the body you have always wanted

by Daniel G. Amen. Read by Marc Cashman. 13 discs. 15+ hours

BCD 636.7088 Arnold

     Through a Dog’s Eyes by Jennifer Arnold. Read by the author. 6 discs. 7+ hours.

"Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 16, Arnold was encouraged by her father to start an organization devoted to helping people with physical disabilities. Now after 20 years of dog training, she shares her methodology and stories of canine intelligence, sensitivity, language comprehension, and prescience bordering on telepathy." Publishers Weekly 12/14/2010 

BCD 814.54 Barry

     I’ll Mature When I’m Dead: Dave Barry’s amazing tales of adulthood by Dave Barry. Read by the author. 4 discs. 4+ hours.

BCD 940.2709 O’Brien

     Mrs. Adams in Winter: a journey in the last days of Napoleon by Michael O’Brien. Read by Cassandra Campbell.

10 discs. 12+ hours.

"Readers of American and European history will exult in the informative contrast of post revolutionary American values and the glittering European and Russian courts, which steadfastly ignored the horrific effects of continental warfare."

BCD 940.531 Olson

     Citizens of London: the Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest, finest hour

by Lynne Olson. Read by Arthur Morey. 14 discs. 18 hours. 

BCD 940.5486 Macintyre

     Operation Mincemeat: how a dead man and a bizarre plan foiled the Nazis and assured an Allied victory

by Ben Macintyre. Read by John Lee. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD 941.084 Hastings

     Winston’s War: Churchill 1940-1945 by Max Hastings. Read by Robin Sachs. 20 discs.23+ hours.

BCD 958.1047 Junger

     War by Sebastian Junger. Read by the author. 7 discs. 7+ hours.  

"Although ostensibly about combat in Afghanistan, War examines the raw, brutal reality of combat-period-and why men fight. More than anything else, soldiers fight for one another, and Junger paints them as humans, as heroes, as brothers. Highly recommended-not simply for those interested in military history but for all readers concerned with the human condition." Library Journal 4/15/2010

BCD 973.82 Philbrick

     The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn by Nathaniel Philbrick. Read by George Guidall. 10 discs. 12+ hours.





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