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Budget Blues

December may seem far away, but here at the library we have been working hard on our budget for 2012. This is the budget that we will put forth to the voters in December and what will go into effect July 1, 2012. It raises the question of what do you, our customers, want. In holding the line last year we made significant savings in our operational expenses. Insurance was rebid saving $6,000. Energy expenses were cut by tens of thousands. At the same time we attempted to maintain our materials and programming budgets to provide you with the best and latest. In the current year we have no money for furniture, minimal money for building repairs and only $1,000 for computers and software. If a computer monitor breaks…there goes 20% of the computer budget. Do you want us to patch our infrastructure or replace carpets and such when they begin to fall apart? At what point to do we make major reductions in new books and DVDs purchase? What is an acceptable percentage increase that the voters will approve? Let us start a dialogue by clicking on the comment button below.

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What about the Children's section?


The Children's section is very plain, without any primary colors, new drapes or new carpet.

Perhaps that would be a great place to start!

It pales in comparison to Valley Cottage, Suffern and Haverstraw (KD)

Where is my tax money going?

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Carpet Cost-Cutting Solution

Has the library considered using carpet tiles instead of regular carpet rolls? This makes carpet repair easier and cheaper. If some baby spills their juice on the carpet, only one tile section needs to be replaced. If the carpet has spots becoming threadbare, just change those few patches. Furniture doesn't need to be moved to install carpet tiles, saving additional taxpayer money as well.

Another point about library finances relative to taxpayer dollars: I'll bet many voters get angry when an entity, such as a library or school district, that does not earn money wants high spending at the expense of the taxpayer who does. Some working in the non-profit world seem to forget where this tax increase money comes from: other people making a profit, with enough extra to vote higher taxes on themselves to pay for more community services.

Tax increases have a better chance of being approved if people are making the money. Offering ways and programs that will help the community increase their income is one way to increase the library system's pool of available tax money in the long run and show the voters the library "gets it." This can take the form of sponsoring career counseling sessions, job training workshops, tax advice for local people in addition to what is currently offered to retirees, allowing for-profit tutoring on premises, buying and showcasing the artwork of local artists, etc. There are of course some in the non-profit world who remain idealogically opposed to anything related to increasing profits, even though that is ultimately where their money comes from. These people might prefer another option, one which practices what they preach: Reduce the number of paid staff and replace them with unpaid volunteers.  


Children's Room

Thank you for your comment.   The carpet on the second floor is thread bare and has to be replaced.  While doing this we will be looking at the afford-ability of replacing carpet where we can and the Children's Room  is certainly a priority.   If it is not overly expensive, I would love to do something "fun" in the children's Room with new carpeting. 

Again, I appreciate hearing from you on this matter. 

BTW...in the current year we have managed an increase in the Children's book budget. 


Chuck McMorran 

Children's Section - Response.

Hi Mr. McMorran:

I forgot to mention Paint/Signage, which are the least expensive things that can be done, near term.

Thanks for your reply.

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