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What's Cooking?: The Versatile Dumpling

One of my favorite things to eat all year round is dumplings.  Not the cooked balls of dough made from flour, potato, or matzo meal (I love those too) but the ones that are filled with luscious bits of meat, shrimp, vegetables, and cheese.  There are so many kinds of dumplings made from various regions of the world.  It is a global fare that includes the samosa and karchori from India, Korean mandu, Japanese fried gyoza, Chinese wonton and potsticker, the Russian piroshki, Ukrainian vareniki, Poland’s pierogi, Turkish manti, and kreplach from the Eastern European Jews.  Let’s not forget our favorite, ravioli !

Dumplings satiate the tastes of many because they can envelop sweet, savory or spicy fillings.  They can be boiled, fried, steamed and seeped in sauces, or nuzzled against vegetables and noodles in soups.  Depending on the type of dumpling, they can be used as appetizers, for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.   I can snack on them all day long and never be bored.  They can even be made in your own kitchen!  I don’t have to go to a dim sum restaurant to enjoy them.  All kinds of dumpling wrappers are now accessible in supermarkets and specialty food markets and they are so much fun to make in a group.  Be careful, once you get started, you can’t just eat one!

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Dear Dorothy,


Many thanks for an enjoyable, informative and visual program.  I gathered a great deal of information from your talk and am going to try my hand at making dumplings.


Dorothy Zucker

8/13 demo

The library really goofed on this one. I had the demo marked on my calendar since late June -- and arrived at 1:15 only to be told that the demo, which was to begin at 1:30, required tickets. Evidently that was printed on a most recent flyer but not on the recent one I picked up nor on the August calendar. Some of us were told that we could sit on the stairs in the back but that samples would be limited. I had gone for the demo, not for a free lunch. Nor do I quite understand how they could know how many people would show up before they demanded tickets be presented.

Victim of Our Own Success

 Last Friday we offered a wonderful cooking demonstration. Our publicity efforts were so successful that we had many more viewers than expected or that could comfortably accommodated.  For this we are truly sorry.   

 We understand the disappointment felt at being turned away. Please accept our apology.  We will plan to offer this popular program again in the months ahead. Check our website and newsletter for details and signup early. 

C. McMorran, Director