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Coming in November


Baldaci, David. Hell's Corner

The President has asked that Stone, a highly-skilled assassin go on a risky mission to protect his country.

Bell, Ted. Warlord: An Alex Hawke Novel

British-American M16 counterterrorism operative, now an alcoholic after losing the woman he loves, is forced to go back on the job.

Connelly, Michael. The Reversal.

Recently exonerated convicted murderer, Jason Jessup, is freed from prison.  The attorney, Mickey Haller, looks for the real killer though he still thinks Jessup is the one.

Deaver, Jeffery. Edge.

 Security expert races to stop a professional criminal who takes enjoyment from obtaining information from his innocent victims by despicable methods.

Evans, Nicholas. The Brave.

Tom Bedford's son Danny is charged with murder during a wartime skirmish. Tom is willing to put his past behind him to save his son.

Lehane, Dennis. Moonlight Mile.
This novel sees the return of private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, as they take a case to find a child who has been missing for twelve years.
Martin, Steve. An Object of Beauty.

Young, gorgeous, Lacey Yeager, captivates both men and women in the NYC art world.

Shreve, Anita. Rescue.
A love story between a young woman in a terrible car wreck and a first-time paramedic who saves her.


Bush, George. Decision Points.

The personal life and presidential decisions of former President George W. Bush.

Cheever, Susan. Louisa May Alcott: The Life of a Beloved Author and Storyteller

This book focuses on the life of Louisa May Alcott and the impact of writing the Little Women novel had on her life.

Kissinger, Henry. Untitled on China.

A longtime scholar of China meditates upon the country's past and future.

 Sedaris, David. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary.

David Sedaris has written animal-themed essays for adults.

Streisand, Barbra. My Passion for Design.

Streisand reflects on her design aesthetic in her own homes.

Trigiani, Adriana. Don't Sing at the Table: And Other Life Lessons from My Grandmothers

This author reflects on how her grandmother's simple values, humor and wisdom affected her life.

Witcover, Jules. Joe Biden: A Life of Trial and Redemption.

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