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New Music Releases August, 2010

Butler, Jonathan.  So Strong                                              MJ BUTL SS R43

Carter, Regina.  Reverse Thread                                          MJ CART RT E90

Chemical Brothers.  Further                                                 MR CHEM FUR A23

Chopin.  The Piano Concertos                                             EC CHOP PC D88

Cole, Nat King.  Ten Great Songs                                         MA COLE TGS C28

Cyrus, Miley.  Can’t Be Tamed                                             MA CYRU CBT H20

Devo.  Something For Everybody                                       MR DEVO SFE W68

Drake.  Thank Me Later                                                      MR DRAK TML U31

Dubliner, The.  Irish Pub Songs                                          Q DUBL IPS A22

Eminem.  Recovery                                                            MR EMIN REC A45

Fleming, Renee.  Dark Hope                                               MA FLEM DH D05

Getz, Stan.  People Time                                                    MJ GETZ PT V23

Gray, Macy.  The Sellout                                                     R&B GRAY SEL C09

Iglesias, Enrique.  Euphoria                                                Q IGLE EUP U91

McLachlan, Sarah.  Laws of Illusion                                    MR McLA LOI A65

McMorrow, Brenda.  Ameya                                               Y McMO AME W01

Melford, Myra.  Whole Tree Gone                                       MJ MELF WTG F36

Minogue, Kylie.  Aphrodite                                                MR MINO APH A24

Nash, Terius.  Love King                                                    MR NASH LK D37

Osbourne, Ozzy.  Scream                                                  MR PSBO SCR E13

Petty, Tom.  MOJO                                                           MR PETT MOJ R68

Steve Miller Band.  Bingo                                                 MR MILL BIN R59

Sting.  Symphonicities                                                      MA STIN SYM U37

Various.  Now 34                                                              MR COLL NOW34

Various.  Rough Guide To Salsa Divas                               Q COLL RGT W28

Various.  The Addams Family                                             K ADDA AF D45

Various.  Music Glee V. 3 – Showstoppers                         L GLEE GTM C11

Various.  Music Glee – Journey To Regionals                     L GLEE GTM C78


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