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Mystery Monday

One of the best things about reading mysteries is learning about new and exotic locations.  Although I personally haven't read a mystery that takes places in outer space, or under the sea, there is no reason to think someone hasn't written one.  In the long hot days of summer, you might refresh yourself by visiting the Arctic Circle, or a beach resort, or anyplace you care to go.  Escaping into a mystery is a mini-vacation in itself.  If you are not able to get away, let a mystery take you to nearby or faraway lands.  So, sit back, relax, and get traveling!

Lochdubh, Scotland-- M.C. Beaton
Constable Hamish MacBeth has the good fortune to patrol the sleepy highland town of Lochdubh with its breathtaking views and eccentric villagers.  You can almost see the heather and taste the scotch.

Dublin, Ireland--Declan Hughes
We travel down the mean streets of Dublin with tough P.I. Ed Loy.  Get ready to explore some of Ireland's seediest pubs with this expert guide.

Venice, Italy--Donna Leon
Can't get to Venice this summer? Commissario Guido Bunetti will show you his own special Venice.  Enjoy (vicariously) the magnificent food and the magical sights of this enchanting city.

Florence, Italy--Magdalene Nabb
Marshall Guarnaccia, a charming Sicilian police officer stationed in Florence, will show you the sights tourists never get to see in this fabled city.

Dordogne, France--Michelle Wan
This peaceful village in southwest France is home to Julian Wood and Mara Dunn.  While eating scrumptious food and strolling through magnificent scenery. they still manage to attract murder and mayhem galore.

Paris, France--Cara Black
This long-running series features P.I. Aimee Leduc, but stars the iconic neighborhoods of everyone's favorite city.

Mallorca, Spain--Roderic Jeffries
Bask in the sun splashed isle of Mallorca with Inspector Enrique Alvarez.  Frolic in the sea with ex-pats, natives and criminals who all beleaguer the hapless inspector.

Martha's Vineyard, Mass--Philip R. Craig
This idyllic summer vacation spot is year-round home to former cop, now fisherman Jeff Jackson.  Beautiful scenery, fresh seafood, a good murder, what more could one want?

Jersey Shore--Chris Grabenstein
Visit the fabulous Jersey shore town of Sea Haven.  Ride the Tilt-a-Whirl, eat frozen custard, and jump in the waves.  Don't worry! Despite the many murders in town, straight arrow cop John Ceepak and his young partner Danny Boyle will do their very best to protect you.

Boston--Robert B. Parker
Pick up some travel tips from ultimate insider Spenser.  He'll fill you in on his favorite bars, restaurants and activities.

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