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New Music Releases June 2010

Alkaline Trio.  This Addiction                                                                              MR ALKA TA H75

Allison, Mose.  The Way of the World                                                                 MJ ALLI WOT A59

American Idol.  American Idol Season 9                                                              MA COLL AISN R95

Armatrading, Joan.  The Charming Life                                                               MR ARMA TCL F60

Bach.  Kantatenwerk Vol. 33                                                                               C BACH KAN T18

BBC Singers.  Liebeslieder Waltzes                                                                       C BBCS CW B00

Beck, Jeff.  Emotion & Commotion                                                                      MR BECK EAC A11

Beethoven.  Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7                                                                    ES BEET SNF N40

Bolton, Michael.  One World One Love                                                                 MA BOLT OWO U41

Braxton, Toni.  Pulse                                                                                           R&B BRAX PUL A30

Burke, Solomon.  Nothing’s Impossible                                                                R&B BURK NI E86

Castro, Jason.  Jason Castro                                                                               MA CAST JC A09

Chang, Sarah.  Violin Concertos                                                                           EC CHAN VC E26

Charice.  Charice                                                                                                  MA CHAR CHA R61

Chayanne.  No Hay Imposibles                                                                             Q CHAY NHI N72

Court Yard Hounds.  Court Yard Hounds                                                              MC COUR CYH C41

Cream.  Best of Cream                                                                                          MR CREA BOC P36

Daddy Yankee.  Mundial                                                                                        Q DADD MUN E01

Debussy.  Complete Piano Works – V.1                                                                 GP DEBU CPW N60

Debussy.  Complete Piano Works – V.3                                                                 GP DEBU CPW N62

Debussy.  Complete Piano Works – V.5                                                                 GP DEBU CPW N64

Dylan, Jakob.  Women + Country                                                                         MC DYLA WAC C24

Empire Brass Quintet.  Royal Brass                                                                        EA EMPI RB T57

Etheridge, Melissa.  Fearless Love                                                                          MR ETHE FL I64

Haggard, Merle.  I Am What I Am                                                                         MC HAGG IAW V35

Haydn.  Symphony No. 101 “The Clock”                                                                ES HAYD SNO N41

Hole.  Nobody’s Daughter                                                                                     MR HOLE ND M45

Kidjo, Angelique.  Oyo                                                                                          MJ KIDJ OYO R62

King, Carole/Taylor, James.  Live at the Troubadour                                             MA KING LAT S53

Lynne, Shelby.  Tears, Lies and Alibis                                                                    MC LYNN TLA E33

Madonna.  Sticky & Sweet Tour                                                                            MR MADO SAS W84

Mendelssohn, Felix.  Octet-Quintet No. 2                                                               F MEND OCT A68

Mendelssohn, Felix.  Piano Trios                                                                            GP MEND PT S92

MercyMe.  Generous Mr. Lovewell                                                                         MG MERC GML I08

Messina, Jo Dee.  Unmistakable Trilogy: Love                                                        MC MESS UTL C81

Mozart.  Piano Concertos 22 & 24                                                                        GP MOZA PCT N84

Nash, Kate.  My Best Friend Is You                                                                        MR NASH MBF G30

Nirvana.  Live At Reading                                                                                      MR NIRV LAR G73

Peter, Paul & Mary.  The Prague Sessions                                                              P PETE PS R26

Point of Grace.  No Changin Us                                                                              MG POIN NCU W24

Rolling Stones.  Exile On Main Street (Remastered)                                               MR ROLL EOM C40

Schubert.  Schubert Live                                                                                       GP SCHU SL A57

Sexton, Martin.  Sugarcoating                                                                              MR SEXT SUG K47

Slash.  Slash                                                                                                          MR SLAS SLA D24

Sledge, Percy.  My Old Friend the Blues                                                                  R&B SLED MOF B46

Tchaikovsky.  Swan Lake                                                                                       EA TCHA SL R04

Various.  Sherlock Holmes (Motion Picture Soundtrack)                                         L SHER SH W75

Various.  Glee – The Power of Madonna                                                                 L GLEE GTM C81

Various.  Woodstock 40 Years On                                                                          MR COLL WFY R88

Various.  Grammy Nominees 2010                                                                          MR COLL GNT G80

Victor & Leo.  Nada es Normal                                                                                Q VICT NEN S19

Wagner.  Lohengrin                                                                                               ES WAGN LOG N43

Whigs, The.  In the Dark                                                                                        MR WHIG ITD A02

Wolf, Peter.  Midnight Souvenirs                                                                            MC WOLF MS V53



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