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Coming in April


Barclay,Linwood. Never Look Away.

A carefree day at an amusement park turns into a nightmare for a family when the couple's 4 year old child gets lost.  Soon after finding him, his mother disappears and the search for her untangles a web of lies.

Berg, Elizabeth. The Last Time I Saw You.

As classmates meet at their 40th reunion, they discover things that will change the course of their lives.

Box, C.J., Nowhere to Run.

Joe Pickett is about to leave his temporary game warden job but first most figure out the strange things that have been going on.

Clark, Mary Higgens. The Shadow of Your Smile.

Confusion reigns when Jonathan's twin dies. His wife Olivia grieves with him until she starts to suspect that her husband may have been the one who died.

Grahame-Smith, Seth. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Johansen, Iris. Eight Days to Live: An Eve Duncan Thriller.

Jane, Eve's daughter, paints a face that disturbs cult members. They decide Jane should be sacrificed in eight days.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Double Comfort Safari Club.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency strikes again, this time with a dead guest in a safari lodge.

McEwan, Ian. Solar.

Moore, Christopher. Bite Me: A Love Story.

3rd book in the San Francisco Vampire trilogy.

Quick, Amanda. The Burning Lamp.

Griffin Winter is convinced that he has inherited  the Winters' Curse.  Second installment of the Dreamlight trilogy.

Weber, David. A Mighty Fortress.

When the success of Cayleb and Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm, they turn to their friend and secret weapon - the mystic warrior-monk named Merlin Athrawes.  4th book in the Safehold series.


Burden, Wendy. Dead End Gene Pool.

A funny, but heartbreaking memoir about growing up in one of America's richest families.

Gay, Timothy M. Satch. Dizzy, and Rapid Robert: The Wild Saga of Interracial Baseball Before Jackie Robinson.

Munson, Laura. This Is Not the Story You Think It Is: A Seasonal Unlikely Happiness.

A wife writes about her husband's midlife crisis and what she did in response.

Shapiro, James. Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?

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