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New Circulation Desk and Lobby

Lobby Under Construction

The Library’s latest remodeling project is customer focused in providing a new circulation desk and a new lobby.  The design incorporates a number of new and exciting concepts for customer service.  Drop off slots directly into the circulation office will be incorporated.  Self service holds will also be introduced and the latest technology in self checkout stations will be available.

This renovation is expected to take less than two months.  A temporary circulation desk has been set up in the reference area. Books can also be checked out at the A/V desk on the lower level.  Throughout the construction all services will be maintained

Through experiences in similar projects the New City Library intends to have staff always available outside the desk to welcome and assist customers while at the same time maintaining traditional desk service for those that prefer the personal touch.

It is believed that this renovation of the desk and front entrance will enhance the customer experience in providing a well lighted welcoming environment with the latest in technology in providing customer self sufficiency  

 Please come in to observe the progress on the new lobby and circulation desk.

Temporary Circulation Desk


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What about the Children's Section?


I think that section deserves an upgrade, too!

Some new furniture and carpet, shades, etc.

Jason M.