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New Music Releases January 2010

Allen, Kris.  Kris Allen                                                                                  MA ALLE KA R02

Amerie.  In Love & War                                                                               R&B AMER ILA D64

Aventura.  The Last                                                                                    Q AVEN LAS P00

Banhart, Devndra.  What Will We Be                                                           MR BRAH WWW W31

Beach Boys.  Christmas Harmonies                                                              R BEAC CH C12

Black, Mary.  Babes In the Wood                                                                Q BLAC BIT G28

Bon Jovi.  The Circle                                                                                    MR BON CIR I60

Brahms, Johannes.  Brahms At Bedtime                                                      EC BRAH BAB P66

Brahms, Johannes.  Best Of Brahms                                                            EA BRAH BOB N59

Browne, Jackson.  Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1                                                      MR BROW SAV I51

Caillat, Colbie.  Breakthrough                                                                     MA CAIL BRE U51

Carlile, Brandi.  Give Up the Ghost                                                               MR CARL GUT S40

Carpenter, Mary Chapin.  Come On Come On                                               MC CARP COC H81

Casablancas.  Phrazes For the Young                                                           MR CASA PFT R21

Casting Crowns.  Peace On Earth                                                                 R CAST POE B29

Cat Power.  You Are                                                                                    MR CAT YA M27

Clark, Terri.  The Long Way Home                                                                MC CLAR LWH B20

Dire Straits.  Brothers In Arms                                                                    MR DIRE BIA W73

Dylan, Bob.  Christmas In the Heart                                                            R DYLA CIT C23

Flaming Lips.  Embryonic                                                                              MR FLAM EMB W33

Fogerty, John.  Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again                                          MR FOGE BRR V26

Foo Fighters.  Greatest Hits                                                                          MR FOO GH R83

Foreigner.  Can’t Slow Down                                                                        MR FORE CSD A79

Franti, Michael.  Yell Fire                                                                                MR FRAN YF A07

Gaye, Marvin.  Soulful Sound of Marvin Gaye                                                R&B GAYE SSO S76

Groban, Josh.  Noel                                                                                       R GROB NOE R29

Guetta, David.  One Love                                                                              MR GUET OL A09

Harper, Ben.  There Will Be A Light                                                               MG HARP TWB V06

Hill, Faith.  Joy To the World                                                                        R HILL JTT W50

Jackson, Michael.  This Is It                                                                          L JACK MJT E74

Jones, Norah.  The Fall                                                                                 MA JONE FAL B86

Keane.  Under the Iron Sea                                                                          MR KEAN UTI I27

Kiss.  Sonic Boom                                                                                         MR KISS SB R00

Lewis, Leona.  Echo                                                                                      MA LEWI ECH S60

Lovato, Demi.  Here We Go Again                                                                 MA LOVA HWG H75

Lovett, Lyle.  Natural Forces                                                                         MC LOVE NF L99

Mario.  D.N.A.                                                                                               MR MARI DNA J57

Mayer, John.  Battle Studies                                                                        MR MAYE BS C87

McBride, Martina.  White Christmas                                                              R Mc BR WC R69

Michaelson, Ingrid.  Everybody                                                                     MR MICH EVE M71

Pearl Jam.  Back Spacer                                                                                MR PEAR BS M00

Petty, Tom.  Full Moon Fever                                                                        MR PETT FMF M53

Simon, Carly.  Never Been Gone                                                                    MA SIMO NBG I76

Spears, Brittney.  The Singles Collection                                                       MA SPEA SC J75

Sting.  If On A Winter’s Night                                                                       R STIN IOA D43

Sugarland.  Gold and Green                                                                          R SUGA GAG M13

Sugarland.  Love On the Inside                                                                    MC SUGA LOT M77

Switchfoot.  Hello Hurricane                                                                        MR SWIT HH A71

Tanon, Olga.  4/13                                                                                      Q TANO FOU Z05

Various.  Gotta Have Gospel: Christmas                                                        R COLL GHG I38

Various.  Tis the Season                                                                               R COLL TTS C92

Various.  Where the Wild Things Are (Soundtrack)                                       L WHER WTW I86

Various.  Glee: The Music, Season One                                                          L GLEE GTM T90

Waters, Muddy.  Hard Again                                                                        R&B WATE HA E49

Winans, Bebe & Cece.  Still                                                                           MG WINA STI B05

Wolfmother.  Cosmic Egg                                                                             MR WOLF CE I51


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