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What's Cooking?: Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Preparation for the Christmas season is on its way along with Chanukah and Kwanzaa.  It is a time of gift giving and what better way to start then creating edible presents from your kitchen?  Culinary treats as holiday gifts are personal and thoughtful especially when you make them yourselves.  Homemade gifts from the kitchen may save you some money.  They can also be customized for those with special diets or allergies.  It is also a wonderful way to gather the family together in making them!

Who wouldn’t appreciate home baked chocolate almond biscotti, cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, or pecan crescent cookies arranged in a pretty basket?  Can you resist a fresh boxful of bittersweet chocolate-orange truffles, creamy mocha fudge or a slice of pumpkin gingerbread?  Attending a holiday party?  Why not bring your host/hostess a decorative bottle of flavored liqueur, vinegar and oil, marinated olives or spiced nuts?  There are endless varieties of delicate sweet morsels for the cookie exchange you may want to start.   Another fun and creative gifts are mixes in a jar.  Assorted mixes include cookies, soups, muffin and breads, beverages, snacks, herb and spices.  You can find decorative jars online or purchase mason jars from the supermarket.  Just layer the measured ingredients in a mason jar, tighten the lid, and wrap a beautiful ribbon around it.  Most of all, the best part of gifts from the kitchen is sharing a bit of your heart to those you love.  Wishing you a joyous Merry Christmas!  Happy Chanukah!  Happy Kwanzaa!

Find some great ideas for holiday gift giving in the following books:

Jewish Holiday Cooking / Jayne Cohen

I’m Dreaming of a Chocolate Christmas / Marcel Desaulniers

How to Plan a Kwanzaa Celebration / Ida Gamble-Gumbs

Infused: 100+ Recipes for Infused Liqueurs and Cocktails / Susan Ella MacNeal

The Christmas Table: Recipes and Crafts to Create Your Own Holiday Tradition / Diane Morgan

The Mason Jar Cookie Cookbook: How to Create Mason Jar Cookie Mixes / Lonnette Parks

The Mason Jar Soup to Nuts Cookbook: How to Create Mason Jar Recipe Mixes / Lonnette Parks.

The Perfect Mix: Bread, Soup, Dessert, and Other Homemade Mixes from Your Kitchen / Diane Phillips.

Fast and Festive Meals for the Jewish Holidays / Marlene Sorosky

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