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New Music Releases for February, 2017

Against Me.  Shape Shift With Me                                      ROCK Agai Shap

Barenboim, Daniel.  On My New Piano                                 CLAS Bare On

Bennett, Tony.  Tony Bennett Celebrates 90                       POP Benn Tony

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.  Kings and Kings                       COUN Blac King

Brickman, Jim.  Soothe Volume 2                                         N-Age Bric Soot

Brooks, Garth.  Gunslinger                                                  COUN Broo Guns

Chaplin, Tom.  The Wave                                                   ROCK Chap Wave

Collection.  2017 Grammy Nominees                                     ROCK Coll Gram 2017

Collection.  Putumayo Presents Acoustic Yoga                       WORLD Putu Coll Acou

Darcy James Argue Secret Society.  Real Enemies                  JAZZ Argu Real

Davis, Kris.  Duopoly                                                           JAZZ Davi Duop

Downie, Gord.  Secret Path                                                ROCK Down Secr

Drive by Truckers.  American Band                                       ROCK Driv Amer

Dropkick Murphys.  11 Short Short Stories                             ROCK Drop Elev

Eno, Brian.  Reflection                                                        ROCK Eno Refl

Flaming Lips, The.  Oczy Mlody                                             ROCK Flam Oczy

Fleming, Renee.  Distant Light                                             CLAS Flem Dist

Fonseca, Roberto.  Abuc                                                    JAZZ Fons Abuc

Fray, The.  Through the Years: Best of the Fray                    ROCK Fray Thro

Gambino, Childish.  Awaken My Love                                    RAP Gamb Awak

Giles, Emil.  Seattle Recital                                                  CLAS Gile Seat

Grey, Skylar.  Natural Causes                                               ROCK Grey Natu

Harrell, Tom.  Something Gold, Something Blue                     JAZZ Harr Some

J Cole.  4 Your Eyes Only                                                   RAP J Cole Four

Klezmatics.  Apikorsim Heretics                                            WORLD Hebre Klez Apik

Legend, John.  Darkness and Light                                       R&B Lege Dark

Little Mix.  Glory Days                                                         ROCK Litt Glor

Lox, The.  Filthy America…It’s Beautiful                                RAP Lox Filt

Muthspiel, Wolfgang.  Rising Grace                                       JAZZ Muth Risi

Original Motion Picture.  Rogue One: A Star Wars….               SOUN Rogue

Original Motion Picture.  La La Land                                      SOUN La La

Post Malone.  Stoney                                                         RAP Post Ston

Schubert.  Death and the Maiden                                        CLAS Schu Deat

Techn9ne.  Storm                                                             RAP Tech Stor

Tribe Called Quest, A.  We Got It From Here                         RAP Trib We

Tycho.  Epoch                                                                  ROCK Tych Epoc

Vanderwaal, Grace.  Perfectly Imperfect                               POP Vand Perf

Weeknd, The.  Starboy                                                      R&B Week Star

Weir, Bob.  Blue Mountain                                                   ROCK Weir Blue

Wilco.  Schmilco                                                                ROCK Wilc Schm

XX, The.  I See You                                                           ROCK XX I

Young, Neil.  Peace Trail                                                     ROCK Youn Peac

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