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New Music Titles, December 2016

Avenged Sevenfold.  The Stage                                         ROCK Aven Stag

Beatles, The.  Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl                 ROCK Beat Beat

Blink-182.  California Sunrise                                                ROCK Blin Cali

Bon Iver.  22, A Million                                                       ROCK Bon Twen

Bon Jovi.  This House Is Not For Sale                                   ROCK Bon This

Boyle, Susan.  A Wonderful World                                       HOLI Boyl Wond

Bragg, Billy.  Shine a Light                                                  FOLK Brag Shin

Brahms/Joshua Bell.  For the Love of Brahms                        CLAS Brah For

Brown, Danny.  Atrocity Exhibition                                      RAP Brow Atro

Buble, Michael.  Nobody But Me                                         POP Bubl Nobo

Caillat, Colbie.  Malibu Sessions                                            POP Cail Mali

Celtic Woman.  Voices of Angels                                        WORLD Celt Celt Voic

Chenoweth, Kristin.  Art of Elegance                                  POP Chen Art

Chesney, Kenny.  Cosmic Hallelujah                                    COUN Ches Cosm

Common.  Black America Again                                          RAP Comm Blac

Daddy.  Let Me Get What I Want                                      ROCK Dadd Let

Day To Remember, A.  Bad Vibrations                                ROCK Day Bad

Dreamers.  This Album Does Not Exist                                ROCK Drea This

Empire of the Sun.  Two Vines                                         ROCK Empi Two

Enigma.  Fall of a Rebel Angel                                           N-AGE Enig Fall

Evancho, Jackie.  Someday Christmas                                 HOLI Evan Some

Fred Hersh Trio.  Sunday Night at the Vanguard                  JAZZ Fred Sund

Game, The.  1992                                                           RAP Game Nine

Gibb, Barry.  In the Now                                                   POP Gibb In

Green Day.  Revolution Radio                                            ROCK Gree Revo

Hunter, Charles.  Everybody Has a Plan…….                         JAZZ Hunt Ever

Justice.  Woman                                                             ROCK Just Woma

Keys, Alicia.  Here                                                            R&B Keys Here

Kings of Leon.  Walls                                                        ROCK King Wall

Kiss.  Gold                                                                      ROCK Kiss Gold

Korn.  Serenity of Suffering                                               RAP Korn Sere

Lady Gaga.  Joanne                                                          POP Lady Joan

Lambert, Miranda.  Weight of These Wings                          COUN Lamb Weig

Lee, Amos.  Spirit                                                             POP Lee Spir

M.I.A.  Aim                                                                      POP MIA Aim

McLachlan, Sarah.  Wonderland                                          HOLI McLa Wond

Miller, Mac.  Divine Feminine                                               RAP Mill Divi

Parker, Jeff.  New Breed                                                   JAZZ Park New

Passenger.  Young As the Morning Old As the Sea                ROCK Pass Youn

Piano Guys.  Uncharted                                                     CLAS Pian Unch

Presley, Elvis.  Wonder of You                                            ROCK Pres Wond

Prine, John.  For Better Or Worse                                       COUN Prin For

Rascal Flatts.  Greatest Gift Of All                                         HOLI Rasc Grea

Sande, Emeli.  Long Live the Angels                                    ROCK Sand Long

Scofield, John.  Country For Old Men                                   JAZZ Scof Coun

Sleighbells.  Jessica Rabbit                                                  ROCK Slei Jess

Solis, Marco Antonio.  40 Anos                                           WORLD Span Soli Fort

Spektor, Regina.  Remember Us To Life                               POP Soec Reme

Springsteen, Bruce.  Chapter and Verse                               ROCK Spri Chap

Tomlin, Chris.  Never Lost Sight                                          INSP Toml Neve

Tove Lo.  Lady Wood                                                       ROCK Tove Lady

Various.  Declaration of Musical Independence                      JAZZ Coll Decl

Various.  NOW Merry Christmas                                           HOLI Coll Now

Yellocard.  Yellocard                                                          ROCK Yell Yell

Young Jeezy.  Trap or Die 3                                               RAP Youn Trap

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