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New DVD Titles, December 2016

THREE DAY DVD                                                                     SECTION

Army of One (Nicolas Cage)                                                             Comedy

Bad Moms (Mila Kunis)                                                                     Comedy

Don’t Breathe                                                                                Horror

Hands of Stone (Robert De Niro)                                                      Drama

Hell Or High Water (Jeff Bridges)                                                       Drama

Imperium (Daniel Radcliffe)                                                               Drama

Indignation                                                                                    Drama

Mechanic: Resurrection  (Jason Stratham)                                          Drama

War Dogs (Jonah Hill)                                                                     Comedy


TWO WEEK DVDS                                                                       SECTION

Better Call Saul: Season Two                                                       TV BETT SEA2

Colliding Dreams (History of Zionism)                                              DOC 956.9400 Col

First Monday In May (MOMA and their yearly fashion show)                DOC 746.92 Fir

Game of Thrones: Season Six                                                        TV GAME SEA6

House of Lies: The Final Season                                                      TV HOUS SEA5

Indian Summers: Season  One                                                         PBS INDI SEA1

Indian Summers: Season Two                                                          PBS INDI SEA2

Koko – The Gorilla Who Talks                                                           PBS 599.884 Kok

Loving Story, The                                                                          DOC 323.1196 Lov

Mindy Project: Season Four                                                              TV MIND SEA4

Outlander: Season Two                                                                   TV OUTL SEA2

Poldark: Season Two                                                                        PBS POLD SEA2

Rabin: The Last Day (In Hebrew)                                                        DOC 956.9405 Rab

Rising Tides (Coastline Erosion)                                                            DOC 333.9 Ris

Turn: Washington’s Spies: Season Three                                              TV TURN SEA3

Wentworth: Season One (Australian TV Series)                                     AUST WENT SEA1                                                                                                                                         


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