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New Music Releases, November 2016

Astley, Rick.  50                                                                 POP ASTL 50

Beck, Jeff.  Loud Hailer                                                       ROCK BECK LOUD

Branford Marsalis Quartet.  Upward Spiral                               JAZZ MARS UPWA

Cadillac Three.  Bury Me In My Boots                                    COUN CADI BURY

Casting Crowns.  Very Next Thing                                        INSP CAST VERY

Chevelle.  The North Corridor                                              ROCK CHEV NORT

Crabb, Aaron & Amanda.  Restore                                        INSP CRAB REST

Cyrus, Billy Ray.  Thin Line                                                   COUN CYRU THIN

Dave King Trucking Co. Surrounded By the Night                    JAZZ DAVE SURR

De La Soul.  And the Anonymous Nobody                              RAP SOUL AND

DeGraw, Gavin.  Something Worth Saving                              ROCK DEGR SOME

Game, The.  Block Wars                                                      RAP GAME BLOC
Gray, Macy.  Stripped                                                          JAZZ GRAY STRI

Gucci Mane.  Everybody Looking                                           RAP GUCCI EVER

Grieg, Edvard.  Wonderland                                                 CLAS GRIE WOND

Il Volo.  Notte Magica                                                          POP VOLO NOTT

Joe Lovano Quartet.  Classic! Live At Newport                        JAZZ LOVA CLAS
Jones, Norah.  Day Breaks                                                    JAZZ JONE DAY

Lang Lang.  New York Rhapsody                                           CLAS LANG NEW

Lewis, Aaron.  Sinner                                                           COUN LEWI SINN

Mendes, Shawn.  Illuminate                                                  ROCK MEND ILLU

Menzel, Idina.  Idina                                                             POP MENZ IDIN

Michaelson, Ingrid.  It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense                 ROCK MICH IT

Morrison, Van.  Keep me Singing                                           ROCK MORR KEEP

Onerepublic.  Oh My My                                                       ROCK ONE OH

Parton, Dolly.  Pure & Simple                                                COUN PART PURE

Pickett, Wilson.  Complete Atlantic Singles, V.1                       R&B PICK COMP

Sutherland, Kiefer.  Down In A Hole                                       COUN SUTH DOWN

Tunstall, KT.  Kin                                                                 ROCK TUNS KIN

Usher.  Hard II Love                                                             R&B USHE HARD

Various.  WOW Hits 2017                                                     INSP COLL WOW 2017

Watkins, Sara.  Young In All the Wrong Ways                          COUN WATK YOUN

White, Drake.  Spark                                                            COUN WHIT SPAR


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