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New DVD Titles, November 2016

THREE DAY DVDS                                                      SECTION

Café Society (Steve Carrell)                                             Comedy

Captain Fantastic (Viggo Mortensen)                                 Drama

Ghostsbusters (Melissa McCarthy)                                      Comedy

Independence Day: Resurgence                                        Sci-Fi

Infiltrator, The (Bryan Cranston)                                        Drama

Into the Forest (Ellen Page)                                              Drama

Legend of Tarzan, The                                                     Drama

Mermaid, The (Foreign Film – China)                                   Foreign

My Golden Days (Foreign Film – France)                               Foreign

Our Kind Of Traitor (Ewan McGregor)                                  Drama

Purge, The: Election Year                                                  Horror

Rams (Foreign Film – Iceland)                                              Foreign

Sea of Trees, The (Matthew McConaughey)                         Drama

Star Trek: Beyond (Chris Pine)                                             Sci-Fi

Swiss Army Man (Daniel Radcliffe)                                         Comedy

Warcraft                                                                           Fantasy

Wild Oats (Shirley Maclaine)                                                 Comedy

X-Men: Apocalypse                                                             Fantasy


O.J.: Made In America                                                         B Simp

Saudi Arabia Uncovered                                                       PBS 953.8 Sau

White House, The:  Inside Story                                           PBS 975.3 Whi


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