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New Music Releases, September 2016

Allen, Kris.  Letting You In                                                            POP Alle Lett

Animal Collective.  Painting With                                                    ROCK Anim Pain

Asking Alexandria.  Black                                                               ROCK Aski Blac

Balsom, Alison.  Legende: Works For Trumpet & Piano                      CLAS Bals Lege

Bell, William.  This Is Where I Live                                                  R&B Bell This

Benedetti, Nicola.  Shostakovich/Glazunov                                      Clas Bene Shos

Black Stone Cherry.  Kentucky                                                      ROCK Blac Kent

Bocelli, Andrea.  Aida                                                                   CLAS Boce Aida

Caesar, Shirley.  Fill This House                                                       INSP Caes Fill

Chestnutt, Mark.  Tradition Lives                                                    COUN Ches Trad

Deftones.  Gore                                                                           ROCK Deft Gore

Deluna, Kay.  Loading                                                                    ROCK Delu Load

Electric Squeezebox Orchestra.  Cheap Rent                                     JAZZ Elec Chea

Ellis, Robert.  Robert Ellis                                                                COUN Elli Robe

Fantasia.  The Definition of                                                             R&B Fant Defi

Fitz & the Tantrums.  Fitz and the Tantrums                                      ROCK Fitz Fitz

Formanek, Michael.  Distance                                                           JAZZ Form Dist

Garbage.  Strange Little Birds                                                          ROCK Garb Stra

Gold Panda.  Good Luck and Do Our Best                                          POP Gold Good

Grieg Trio.  Haydn Piano Trios                                                          CLAS Grie Hayd

Hersh, Fred.  Sarabande                                                                  JAZZ Hers Sara

Hornsby & the Noisemakers.  Rehab Reunion                                      ROCK Horn Reha

Iyer, Vijay.  A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke                                  JAZZ Iyer Cosm

Kenny Barron Trio.  Book of Intuition                                                 JAZZ Barr Book

Lamontagne, Ray.  Ouroboros                                                          ROCK Lamo Ouro

M83.  Junk                                                                                    POP M83 Junk

Miller, Mac.  Best Day Ever                                                               RAP Mill Best

Murray, Anne.  Amazing Grace                                                          INSP Murr Amaz

Nail, David.  Fighter                                                                         COUN Nail Figh

Needtobreathe.  Hard Love                                                             ROCK Need Hard

Odom, Leslie.  Leslie Odom Jr.                                                          JAZZ Odom Lesl

Orton, Beth.  Kidsticks                                                                     POP Orth Kids

Presley, Elvis.  Way Down In the Jungle Room                                     ROCK Pres Way

Scarlatti, Domenico.  18 Keyboard Sonatas                                         CLAS Scar Eigh

Schoolboy Q.  Blank Face LP                                                             RAP Scho Blan

Skillet.  Unleashed                                                                           INSP Skil Unle

Springs, Kandace.  Soul Eyes                                                             JAZZ Spri Soul

Stryker/Slagle Band.  Routes                                                             JAZZ Stry Rout

Switchfoot.  Where the Light Shines Through                                     INSP Swit Wher

They Might Be Giants.  Phone Power                                                  ROCK They Phon

Traore, Rokia.  Ne So                                                                       WORLD Afric Trao Ne

Tyler, Steven.  We’re All Somebody From Somewhere                         COUN Tyle We’re

Various.  Rough Guide To Gospel Blues                                               INSP Coll Roug

Various.  Cream Anthems 2016                                                         POP Coll Crea

Various.  Rough Guide To A World of Psychedelia                                 WORLD Coll Roug Wor

Ver Planck, Marlene.  The Mood I’m In                                               JAZZ Verp Mood

Walker, Hezekiah.  Better                                                                 INSP Walk Azus

White, Emily Jane.  They Moved In Shadow All Together                      FOLK Whit They

Wilson, Matt.  Beginning Of a Memory                                                JAZZ Wils Begi

Yanni.  Dream Concert                                                                     N-AGE Yann Drea





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