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New Fiction Audiobooks August 2016

BCD Abbott
     You Will Know Me
by Megan Abbott.  Read by Lauren Fortang.  8 discs.  10 hours.

BCD Andrews
     The Weekenders
by Mary Kay Andrews.  Read by Kathleen McInerney.  12 discs.  13+ hours.

MP3 Barclay
     Far From True
by Linwood Barclay.  Read by Brian O’Neill and Mark Zeisler.  2 discs.  12+ hours.

MP3 Mystery Box
     Off the Grid
by C.J. Box.  Read by David Chandler.  One disc.  10+ hours.

BCD Brown
     The Light of Paris
by Eleanor Brown.  Read by Cassandra Campbell.  10 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Callaway
     The Fifth Avenue Artists Society
by Joy Callaway.  Read by Jenna Lamia.  11 discs.  13+ hours.

BCD Chokshi
     The Star-Touched Queen
by Roshani Chokshi.  Read by Priya Ayyar.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Coes
     First Strike
by Ben Coes.  Read by Peter Hermann.  11 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD DeLillo
     Zero K
by Don DeLillo.  Read by Thomas Sadoski.  7 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD Eggers
     Heroes of the Frontier
by Dave Eggers.  Read by Rebecca Lowman.  10 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Mystery Fairstein
     Killer Look
by Linda Fairstein.  Read by Barbara Rosenblat.  9 discs.  10+ hours.

BCD Fellowes
by Julian Fellowes.  Read by Juliet Stevenson.  13 discs.  16 hours.

BCD Finder
     Guilty Minds
by Joseph Finder.  Read by Holter Graham.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

MP3 Gentry
     Good as Gone
by Amy Gentry.  Read by Karen Peakes.  One disc.  7+ hours.

BCD Mystery Goudge
     Bones and Roses
by Eileen Goudge.  Read by Aimee Bruneau.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Green
by Jane Green.  Read by the author.  10 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Harbison
      One Less Problem Without You
by Beth Harbison.  Read by Orlagh Cassidy  6 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Hill
     The Fireman
by Joe Hill.  Read by Kate Mulgrew.  18 discs.  22+ hours.

BCD Mystery Honda
     The Silent Dead
by Tetsuya Honda.  Read by Emily Woo Zeller.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Howard
by Linda Howard.  Read by Tanya Eby.  12 discs.  14 hours.

BCD Kleypas
     Marrying Winterborne
by Lisa Kleypas.  Read by Mary Jane Wells.  9 discs.  11 hours.

BCD Morgan
     The Sport of Kings
by C.E. Morgan.  Read by George Newbern.  18 discs.  20+ hours.

BCD Moriarty
     Truly Madly Guilty
by Liane Moriarty.  Read by Caroline Lee.  14 discs.  17 hours.

MP3 Pearson
     White Bone
by Ridley Pearson.  Read by Todd Haberkorn.  One disc.  9+ hours.
MP3 Mystery Perry
     Treachery at Lancaster Gate
by Anne Perry.  Read by Jenny Sterlin.  One disc.  10+ hours.

BCD Quick
    Every Exquisite Thing
by Matthew Quick.  Read by Vanessa Johansson.  5 discs.  6 hours.

MP3 Reyn
     The Imperial Wife
by Irina Reyn.  Read by Karen Peakes.  One disc.  10+ hours.

MP3 Rosoff
     Jonathan Unleashed
by Meg Rosoff.  Read by Alexander Cendese.  One disc.  8 hours.

BCD Russo
     If I Was Your Girl
by Meredith Russo.  Read by Samia Mounts.  6 discs.  7 hours.

BCD Silva
     The Black Widow
by Daniel Silva.  Read by George Guidall.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

MP3 Steel
by Danielle Steel. Read by Alexander Cendese.  One disc.  8+ hours.

BCD Straub
     Modern Lovers
by Emma Straub.  Read by Jen Tullock.  8 discs.  9 hours.

MP3 Taylor
    Black Flag
by Brad Taylor.  Read by Rich Orlow and Henry Strozier.  One disc.  One+ hour.

MP3 Toutonghi
by Steve Toutonghi.  Read by Piter Marek.  One disc.  9+ hours.

BCD Unger
     Ink and Bone
by Lisa Unger.  Read by Molly Pope.  10 discs.  12 hours.

BCD Whaley
      Highly Illogical Behavior
by John Corey Whaley.  Read by Robbie Daymond and Julia Whelan.  5 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Weisberger
     The Singles Game
by Lauren Weisberger.  Read by Heather Lind.  10 discs.  11+ hours.

BCD Yancey
     The Last Star
by Richard Yancey.  Read by Phoebe Strole and Ben Yannette.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

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