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New Speculative Fiction for July 2016

New to our shelves:

The Broken Hours: A Novel of H. P. Lovecraft by Jacqueline Baker H, M
The Medusa Chronicles by Stephen Baxter and Alastair Reynolds SF (SF Baxter)
Shattered Spear by Jack Campbell (4, The Lost Fleet: The Lost Stars) SF
Waypoint Kangaroo by Curtis C. Chen (1, Kangaroo) SF, M
The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman (1, The Invisible Library) A, F, M, H
The Cure by JG Faherty H, F
Jericho by Alex Gordon (2, Gideon, IL) H, F, M
Dr. DOA by Simon R. Green (10, Secret Histories) F, H, M
Throneworld by Guy Haley and Ben Counter (5, Warhammer 40K: The Beast Arises) SF, F (SF Haley)
Born of Legend by Sherrilyn Kenyon (10:4, The League: Nemesis Rising) SF, R
Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger F, H
The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence (3, Broken Empire: The Red Queen's War) F
Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee (1, Machineries of Empire) SF
The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North SF, M
League of Dragons by Naomi Novik (9, Temeraire) F, M, A
Leviathan's Blood by Ben Peek (2, Children trilogy) F, M
The Long Cosmos by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter (5, The Long Earth) A, SF (SF Pratchett)
Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts (2, Guardians trilogy) F, R
Snakewood by Adrian Selby F, M
Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh (15, Psy-Changeling) F, SF, H, R
Disappearance at Devil's Rock by Paul Tremblay H, M
Pride's Spell by Matt Wallace (3, Sin du Jour Affairs) F, H

In paperback:

Outriders by Jay Posey (1, Outriders) SF, M, H
Legion by Jamie Sawyer (2, The Lazarus War) SF, M

Adult collection Graphic Novels:

Sun beyond the Stars by Jonathan Hickman with Nick Pitarra (6, MP: The Manhattan Projects)
    A, SF, M (GN Hickman v.6)
Terminal Lance by Maximilian Uriarte (1, The White Donkey) (GN Uriarte v.1)
Quarantine Zone by Daniel H. Wilson with Fernando Pasarin SF (GN Wilson)

Other new titles of interest:

Magic and Desire by Portia Da Costa, Janine Ashbless, and Olivia Knight F, E (Pbk-Romance Magic)
    (contains Ill Met by Moonlight, The House of Dust, and The Dragon Lord)
End of Watch by Stephen King (3, Bill Hodges trilogy) H, M (Mystery King)
A Hundred Thousand Worlds by Bob Proehl CB, SF (Fiction Proehl)
Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Last Neanderthal: A Geneticist's Search for Modern Apemen by Bryan Sykes
    F, SF (001.944 Sykes)
Security by Gina Wohlsdorf M, H (Fiction Wohlsdorf)

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