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New Music Titles - July 2016

Bird, Andrew.  Are You Serious                                      ROCK BIRD ARE

Bradley, Charles.  Changes                                             R&B BRAD CHAN

Carpenter, Mary Chapin. Things That We Are Made Of   COUN CARP THIN

Clapton, Eric.  I Still Do                                                  ROCK CLAP I

Collett, Jason.  Song and Dance Man                             ROCK COLL SONG

Frampton, Peter.  Acoustic Classics                                ROCK FRAM ACOU

Graham, Lukas.  Lukas Graham                                       ROCK GRAH LUKA

Grande, Ariana.  Dangerous Woman                               POP GRAN DANG

J Dilla.  Diary                                                                  RAP DILL DIAR

Kelley, Josh.  New Lane Road                                         COUN KELL NEW

Kid Cudi.  Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven                                 RAP KID SPEE
Lauper, Cyndi.  Detour                                                   POP LAUP DETO

Lonestar.  Never Enders                                                 COUN LOAN NEVE

Lumineers.  Cleopatra                                                    FOLK LUMI CLEO

Nash, Graham.  This Path Tonight                                  ROCK NASH THIS

Nelson, Willie.  Summertime                                           COUN NELS SUMM

Pop, Iggy.  Post Pop Depression                                   ROCK POP POST

Prince.  1999                                                                 ROCK PRIN 1999

Rae, Corinne Bailey.  Heart Speaks In Whispers              R&B RAE HEAR

Santana.   Santana IV                                                    ROCK SANT SANT IV

Silk.  Quiet Storm                                                           R&B SILK QUIE

Various.  Purple Rain                                                      SOUND PURPLE

Wilson, Rita.  Rita Wilson                                                POP WILS RITA

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