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New DVDs for November 2009


12 Rounds (John Cena)                                                      


American Violet (Alfre Woodard)                                        

Brothers Bloom, The (Rachel Weisz)                                    

Cheri (Michelle Pfeiffer)                                                       

Drag Me To Hell                                                                

Homicide (1991 – William H. Macy)                                      

Katyn (Foreign Film – Poland)                                             

Land Of the Lost (Will Ferrell)                                           

My Life In Ruins (Nia Vardalos)                                           

No Matter What (Foreign Film – China)                              

Nothing Like the Holidays                                                  

Orphan (Horror)                                                               

Proposal, The (Sandra Bullock)                                        

Short Circuit (1986 – Ally Sheedy)                                   

Shrink (Kevin Spacey)                                                        

Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen                                 

Whatever Works (Larry David)                                            

Year One (Jack Black)                                                      


30 Rock – Season 3                                                           

90 Days of Love (Korean TV Series)                                           

American Road Trip (PBS – American Experience)                        917.3049 Ame

Ballerina (The lives of five ballerinas)                                           792.82 Bal

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism (Jillian Michaels)                            613.7 Ban

Be Well Now! (Dr. Nancy Snyderman of The Today Show)            613 Be

Beast, The (TV Series – Patrick Swayze)                                     

Best Bun & Leg Shapers                                                              613.71 Bes

Best of WWE Smackdown – 1999-2009                                      796.812 Bes

Betrayal, The (Nerakhoon) – Laotian – Americans – NY State)     973.049591 Bet

Big Bang Theory – Complete First Season                                  

Bob Hope – The Ultimate Collection                                           

Brotherhood – The Final Season                                               

Building Self Esteem – You’ve Got the Power                              158.1 Bui

Chicago & Earth, Wind & Fire (Concert)                               

Children of God (Nepal – Children – Social Conditions)                 954.96 Chi

Computer Comfort                                                                      005.7565 Hel

Edwardians, The (BBC Video)                                              

Every Little Step – The Journey of “A Chorus Line”                     

La Forza del Destino (Opera)                                                      782.1 For

Inside the Koran                                                                        297.122 Ins

Inside the Meltdown (Frontline – Our Economic Crisis)               338.542 Ins

Jack Lemmon Film Collection                                                     

Jesus In India                                                                            232.9 Jes

Judgement Day 2009 – Wrestling                                              796.812 Jud

Mastering Essential Math Skills (Secondary Level)                      510.712 Mas

Mentalist, The – Complete First Season                             

Michael Jackson – Never Surrender                                             B Jackson

National Parks, The – America’s Best Idea (Ken Burns)                333.783 Nat

Parks and Recreation – Season One                                            

Popes, The – The Legacy of Peter                                               262.13 Pop

Snakes & Arrows Live (Rush – Rock Concert)                           

Trumbo (Dalton Trumbo – Blacklisting)                                       B Trumbo

World According to Miley Cyrus                                                  B Cyrus, Miley



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