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New Music Releases, February 2016

Andy Sheppard Quartet.  Surrounded by Sea                           JAZZ ANDY SURR

Babyface.  Return of the Tender Lover                                   R&B BABY RETU

Bach.  Bach Adagio                                                              CLAS BACH BACH

Bareilles, Sara.  What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress                  POP BARE WHAT

Bashi, Kishi.  String Quartet Live                                             CLAS BASH STRI

Beatles.  One (Remix)                                                          ROCK BEAT ONE

Braxton, Tamar.  Calling All Lovers                                          R&B BRAX CALL

Bring Me the Horizon.  That’s the Spirit                                   ROCK BRIN THAT

Brown, Chris.  Royalty                                                          RAP BROW ROYA

Cage the Elephant.  Tell Me I’m Pretty                                   ROCK CAGE TELL

Church, Eric.  Mr. Misunderstood                                            COUN CHUR MR

Coheed and Cambria.  Color Before the Sun                             ROCK COHE COLO

Coldplay.  A Head Full of Dreams                                             ROCK COLD HEAD

Collins, Judy.  Strangers Again                                                FOLK COLL STRA

Connick, Harry Jr.  That Would Be Me                                      POP CONN THAT

DeMare, Anthony.  Re-Imagining Sondheim                              CLAS DEMA LIAI

Elsaffar, Amir.  Crisis                                                              JAZZ ELSA CRIS

Finn, Craig.  Faith In the Future                                              ROCK FINN FAIT

Folds, Ben.  So There                                                           ROCK FOLD SO

Foreign Exchange.  Tales From the Land of Milk….                     R&B FORE TALE

Franklin, Kirk.  Losing My Religion                                             INSP FRAN LOSI

G-Eazy.  When It’s Dark Out                                                   RAP G-EAZY WHEN 

Girl Band.  Hold Hands With Jamie                                            ROCK GIRL HOLD

Gomez, Selena.  Revival                                                          POP GOME REVI

Goulding, Ellie.  Delirium                                                          POP GOUL DELI

Grant, Natalie.  Be One                                                          INSP GRAN BE

Great Big World.  When the Morning Comes                             ROCK GREA WHEN

Green, Ceelo.  Heart Blanche                                                  R&B CEELO HEAR

Grimes.  Art Angels                                                               POP GRIM ART

Halvorson, Mary.  Meltframe                                                   JAZZ HALV MELT

Hansard, Glen.  Didn’t He Ramble                                            ROCK HANS SISN

Harrell, Tom.  First Impressions                                                JAZZ HARR FIRS

Hayes, Hunter.  21 Project                                                     COUN HAYE TWEN

Haynes, Stephen.  Pomegranate                                             JAZZ HAYN POME

Hontele, Maite.  Dejame Asi                                                   JAZZ HONT DEJA

Isaak, Chris.  First Comes the Night                                          ROCK ISAA FIRS

Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights.  Meshugana                             WORLD JEWIS JOAN MESH

Kaskade.  Automatic                                                              POP KASK AUTO

Lynne, Jeff.  Along In the Universe                                          ROCK LYNN ALON

Neighborhood.  Wiped Out                                                     ROCK NEIG WIPE

Nelson, Willie.  Essential Willie Nelson                                        COUN NELS ESSE

O’Farrill, Arturo.  Cuba: The Conversation Continues                    JAZZ OFAR CUBA

Old Dominion.  Meat and Candy                                               COUN OLD MEAT

Ought.  Sun Coming Down                                                     ROCK OUGH SUN

Pausini, Laura.  Similares                                                          WORLD SPANI PAUS SIMI

Seal.  Seven (7)                                                                    POP SEAL SEVE

Trans Siberian Orchestra.  Letters From the Labyrinth                 HOLI TRAN LETT

Various.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens                                   SOUND STAR

Yandel.  Dangerous                                                               WORLD SPANI YAND DANG

Young, Chris.  I’m Coming Over                                               COUN YOUN I’M





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