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New DVD Titles, February, 2016

THREE DAY DVDS                                                                     Section                 

American Friend, The (Criterion Collection)                                     Drama

Babette’s Feast (Foreign Film – Denmark)                                       Foreign

Bridge of Spies (Tom Hanks)                                                    Drama

Brilliant Young Mind, A (Foreign Film – U.K.)                             Foreign

Burnt (Bradley Cooper)                                                           Comedy

Diary of a Teenage Girl (Kristen Wiig)                                       Drama

Effie Gray                                                                                Drama

Everest                                                                                   Drama

Experimenter, The (Winona Ryder)                                          Drama

Freeheld (Julianne Moore)                                                       Drama

Hunting Elephants (Foreign Film – Israel)                                 Foreign

Infinitely Polar Bear (Mark Ruffalo)                                         Comedy

Intern, The (Robert De Niro)                                                       Comedy

Irrational Man (Emma Stone)                                                        Drama

Kindergarten Teacher, The (Foreign Film – Israel)                            Foreign

Last Witch Hunter, The                                                               Fantasy

Learning To Drive (Patricia Clarkson)                                              Comedy

Martian, The (Matt Damon)                                                          Sci-Fi

Our Brand Is Crisis (Sandra Bullock)                                                Comedy

Pelo-Malo- Bad Hair (Foreign Film – Venezuela)                                Foreign

Perfect Guy, The                                                                       Drama

Rise of the Krays, The (Foreign Film – U.K.)                                    Foreign

Sicario (Emily Blunt)                                                                    Drama

Sleeping With Other People (Jason Sudeikis)                                  Comedy

Stonewall                                                                                  Drama

Straight Outta Compton                                                              Drama

Sweet Charity (1969 – Shirley Maclaine)                                         Musical

Truth (Cate Blanchett)                                                                Drama

Visit, The                                                                                  Horror

Walk, The (Joseph Gordonb-Levitt)                                               Drama

War Room                                                                                 Drama

Xenia (Foreign Film – Greece)                                                       Foreign


Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime                                                BBC AGAT

Beginner Level Yoga                                                                   FIT 613.7 BEG

Bringing Stillness Into Everyday Life                                               158.12 BRI

Getting On: Season 2                                                                 TV GETT SEA2

Hunting Ground, The (Assault on College Campus’)                          DOC 371.782 HUN

Keiko: The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy                             DOC 599.536 KEI

Mrs. Brown’s Boys: Christmas Crackers                                            BBC Mrs.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys: Season  One                                                   BBC MRS. SEA1

Mrs. Brown’s Boys: Season Two                                                    BBC MRS. SEA2

Mrs. Brown’s Boys: Season Three                                                  BBC MRS. SEA3

Nathan For You: Seasons One & Two                                            TV NATH S1&2

Pilgrims, The                                                                               PBS 974.402 PIL

Show Me A Hero                                                                         TV SHOW

Targeted Toning Yoga                                                                  FIT 613.7 TAR

True Detective: Season Two                                                         TV TRUE SEA2

Twinsters  (Identical Twins Separated At Birth)                                DOC 362.734 Twi                                                                           


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