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Short term pain...long term gain

New Steps at the New City Library If you have been to the library in recent weeks you know we are getting new front steps. The Library needed to close its front doors in order to complete this project in a timely manner.    Both doors are now open.   The steps will remain unavailable until the handrails are installed.  Please use the ramp and avoid spills by NOT walking through the flower bed. 

Also in laying new sidewalk, the drive through bookdrops were closed over the past weekend.  NO FINES WERE CHARGED on materials returned through Monday morning.  The library is sorry for the inconvenience and hopes you appreciate our beutiful new entrance.

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Carry on

It looks like things are moving right along. As an emmigrant from Brooklyn, I can't tell you how much we are impressed by a Library system that is FUNDED and WORKS. And repairs notwithsanding, it does not deract a whit from the awesomeness that is NCL and the RCLS.

That said, unless you take care of the leaky roof and overhang over the steps, you'll only have the same problems to look forward to after a couple of Rockland Winters. I do hope your engineers have thought of that and taking the appropriate measures. As a homewowner, these are not exactly surprise issues.

Get on keepin' on!

Kurt Griffith, Nanuet

The carpeting is the next thing to do - it looks terrible.


The carpeting in the NCL is just worn out, especially in the Children's section.

No question that the library could be upgraded just a bit more!





These things take time.  I know from experience.  Between the recent flooding and the staircase renovation, you folks at the library have been doing an outstanding job steering we patrons into and out of the facility. 

On behalf of myself and my family - all grateful and frequent patrons of the library, I thank you for your professionalism and foresight. 

Walking through your doors is always a pleasurable experience...even now.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Chakan

Well said, Lisa. I completely

Well said, Lisa. I completely agree. It is indeed a pleasure to visit the library. The staff is wonderful and so very kind. Thank you very much!



It seems to be taking a

It seems to be taking a rather long time to complete this project just like almost everything done in Clarkstown. It has been a major inconvenience to patrons not to mention the voters who have to use the library facility. Why couldn't this have been undertaken during the Summer when the library has shorter hours and the days are longer?


Secondly, is there any way the book return bins can be moved or at least not be side by side? When large vehicles park next to the bins, it is much harder to use them and only one car at a time can drop off books, thus causing bottlenecks in the parking lot?

Long Time

Please believe me, if we could have done the steps any earlier we would have (like 3 years ago).  I and our Business Manager have been pushing this development everyday and we are delighted that it is nearly complete with the exception of the handrails that will be coming soon.

I also can't resist pointing out that July was the busiest month ever in the recent history of the library with over 68,000 materials checked out.

Thank you for your comment.

As a long time patron, the

As a long time patron, the cause of the front stairs problem is due to snow and rain sliding down from the front glass roof. Are we plannining on addinga gutter to handle to run off?



Long time Patron.

Thank you.  You are a very astute customer.  After spending many moments of watching how the rain water flows off the canopy we have addressed the problem to avoid damage of our beautiful new front steps.  There were two problems with the down spout that were internal to the brick wall and the gutters that were flat with no angle to provide proper drainage.  Both problems have been fixed and in the last heavy rain, we spent considetable time watching as the rain flowed properly to the down spout and away from the building    Thank you for the comment.  These steps are an investment that should last for years to come.


Ah! There we go. Yay! (See My other post )