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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten?!?!?!?!

Yes! New City Library joins many other libraries throughout the country to promote family reading through this initiative. But...1,000 Books!! Impressive, you say? Too hard, you think? Well - in this program, if you read just three books a day to your young ones, you will have read over 1,000 in just one year! Do that for two years, or three years...you get the picture. Each child listening to the story can count that book. What child doesn't love to hear the same book over and over before bed? Well - each time that book is read, it counts! Not so formidable a task, now, is it? Just stop by the children's reference desk to pick up your first reading log and we'll tell you all about it. But..does this really impact a child's development? Studies have shown that children as young as infancy benefit from hearing stories and language, as reasearch shows that during the first year infants' brains are developing the neural connections they will use for language and high cognitive functions through the rest of their lives. Stories with rhyming words, repetition, and expressive dialog help young children develop literacy, math and language skills. According to ALSC, when adults read aloud books with playful language, they encourage their young listeners to play with the sounds of language, too. This play supports language development and phonological awareness. Imagine  - all those benefits from reading to your pre-K child. And......there will be stickers!!  We've gotcha now!!

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