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New Music Releases, January 2016

Adele.  25                                                                                        POP ADEL 25

Bocelli, Andrea.  Cinema                                                                      POP BOCE CINE

Cara, Alessia.  Know-It-All                                                                    R&B CARA KNOW

Domingo, Placido.  My Christmas                                                           HOLI DOMI MY

Enya.  Dark Sky Island                                                                         N-AGE ENYA DARK

Fall Out Boy.  Make America Psycho Again                                              ROCK FALL MAKE

Friar Alessandro.  Voice of Peace                                                          INSP ALES VOIC

Il Divo.  Amor & Pasion                                                                        POP DIVO AMOR

India.Arie.  Christmas With Friends                                                        HOLI INDI CHRI

King, Carole.  Holiday Carole                                                                 HOLI KING HOLI

Ma, Yo Yo.  Songs From the Arc of Life                                                CLAS MA SONG

McGraw, Tim.  Damn Country Music                                                      COUN MCGR DAMN

McLachlan, Sara.  Classic Christmas Album                                               HOLI MCLA CLAS
Minoque, Kylie.  Kylie Christmas                                                             HOLI MINO KYLI

Raury.  All We Need                                                                            ROCK RAUR ALL

Ross, Rick.  Black Market                                                                       RAP ROSS BLAC

Rudimental.  We the Generation                                                            POP RUDI WE

Young Jeezy.  Church In These Streets                                                  RAP YOUN CHUR


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