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Library Challenges

The library has met with several challenges lately that have hampered delivery of quality service.   On Saturday, October 25, during one of our more severe thunderstorms, the sump pump failed and staff were greeted the next morning with more than an inch of water in our lower level.  The only good news is that no materials were damaged. 

In a library environment it is critical that the water and moisture be addressed immediately.   The collection is the library’s most valuable asset.  Through having knowledgeable experienced staff, we were able to have a disaster recovery team onsite by Monday morning. 

Unfortunately, we needed to close the area, and the major part of the DVD collection, part of the non-fiction collection and our entire collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror are inaccessible.  It currently appears that the area will be opened up again on Monday or Tuesday.

Another challenge is maintaining service and staying open while our front steps and landing are rebuilt.   We were required to close the front door at the last minute on Tuesday and to provide alternative entrances to the library.  We have since improved our sign and notification procedures.  This closing of the front doors will be necessary again. Wheelchair and stroller access will be through our offices on the lower level.  Customers that can safely climb a limited number of stairs can enter through the children’s garden on the side of the library.

The last challenge is that after coming up with sufficient money the library accepted a bid for a new roof.  Work is expected to begin next week, which it too late for last Saturday’s heavy rain storm that seemed to have exacerbated the leakage.

I personally apologize for the inconveniences these challenges have presented to you our customers.   Please believe me that we are working very hard to having a beautiful front entrance that the community can take pride in, sump pumps that work and roofs that don’t leak.


Chuck McMorran, Director

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