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Historic October

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

In 1675, explorers required more accurate maps to navigate the seas.  Cartographers began by setting longitude at Greenwich, England.  On October 13, 1884 this location was established as the "starting point" of time, since it is at the Prime Meridian.  You can calculate the time at any location on the globe by starting at Greenwich (0 longitude) with every 15 degrees longitude representing one hour.  Are confused you?  Then check out www.greenwichmeantime.com for clarification.  Learn more about GMT, time around the world, daylight savings time, and more.  Still confused?  Then you need to come to the library and discover our collection of books and dvds about time.  Here are some titles to look for:

Greenwich guide (J529 DOL)

Time zones (J389 NAG)

It's about time (J529 EST)

Just a second (J529 JEN)

Time book (J529.7 JEN)

Telling time (JDVD 529 TEL)

Time in your world (JDVD 529 TIM)

Bill Nye, the science guy: Time (JDVD 529.7 NYE)


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