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New Music Releases, October 2015

Ballerini, Kelsea.  First Time                                               COUN BALL FIRS

Blanchard, Terence.  Breathless                                         JAZZ BLAN BREA

Browns.  Aim Higher                                                         INSP BROW AIM

Buckcherry.  Rock N Roll                                                    ROCK BUCK ROCK

Bryan, Luke.  Kill the Lights                                                COUN BRYA KILL
Cistercian Monks.  Chant For Peace                                     INSP CIST CHAN

East, Anderson.  Delilah                                                     POP EAST DELI

Future.  DS2                                                                    RAP FUTU DS2

Gunplay.  Living Legend                                                     RAP GUNP LIVI

Guy, Buddy.  Born To Play Guitar                                         R&B GUY BORN

Imbruglia, Natalie.  Male                                                      POP IMBR MALE

Isbell, Jason.  Something More Than Free                              ROCK ISBE SOME

Jennings, Lyfe.  Tree of Lyfe                                               R&B JENN TREE

Jepsen, Carly Rae.  Emotion                                                POPJESP EMOT

Lamb of God.  VII: Sturm und Drang                                    ROCK LAMB SEVE

Maddie & Tae.  Start Here                                                  COUN MADD STAR

Matt Pond Pa.  State of Gold                                               ROCK MATT STAT

Miguel.  Wildheart                                                              R&B MIGU WILD

Miller, Bea.  Not An Apology                                                POP MILL NOT

Monroe, Ashley.  The Blade                                                 COUN MONR BLAD 

MS MR.  How Does It Feel                                                   ROCK MSMR HOW

NWA.  Straight Outta Compton                                            RAP NWA STRA

Potter, Grace.  Midnight                                                      ROCK POTT MIDN

Scott, Jill.  Woman                                                             R&B SCOT WOMA

Songz, Trey.  Trigga Reloaded                                             R&B SONG TRIG

Sparks, Jordin.  Right Here Right Now                                   POP SPAR RIGH

Staples, Vince.  Summertime ’06                                          RAP STAP SUMM

Sublime With Rome.  Sirens                                                 ROCK SUBL SIRE

Thomas, Rob.  Great Unknown                                            ROCK THOM GREA
Trifonov, Daniil.  Rachmaninov Variations                                CLAS TRIF RACH

Tyrese.  Black Rose                                                             R&B TYRE BLAC
Various.  NOW….New Wave 80s                                           ROCK COLL NOW WAVE

Various.  Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 19                                             INSP COLL HOLY 19

Various.  NOW….1990s                                                       ROCK COLL NOW 1990

Various.  NOW….55                                                            ROCK COLL NOW 55

Various.  NOW…80’s, Vol. 2                                                 ROCK COLL NOW 80’s 2

Various.  Something Rotten                                                 MUSI SOME

Veruca Salt.  Ghost Notes                                                    ROCK VERU GHOS

Wilco.  Star Wars                                                                ROCK WILC STAR

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