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New Music Releases, August 2015

Adult Jazz.  Gist Is                                                              ROCK ADUL GIST

Aoki, Steve.  Neon Future                                                   POP AOKI NEON

A$AP Rocky.  At Long Last A$AP                                          RAP A$AP AT

Audio Adrenaline.  Sound of the Saints                                  INSP AUDI SOUN

Best Coast.  California Nights                                                 ROCK BEST CALI

Blur.  The Magic Whip                                                         ROCK BLUR MAGI

Borodin Quartet.  Shostakovich String Quartets                      CLAS BORO SHOS

Breaking Benjamin.  Dark Before Dawn                                   ROCK BREA DARK

Bridges, Leon.  Coming Home                                               R&B BRID COMI

Chocquibtown.  El Mismo                                                     WORLD SPAN CHOC MISM

Clapton, Eric.  Forever Man                                                   ROCK CLAP FORE

Derulo, Jason.  Everything Is 4                                              R&B DERU EVER

Duff, Hillary.  Breathe In Breathe Out                                     POP DUFF BREA

Flowers, Brandon.  The Desired Effect                                    ROCK FLOW DESI

Harris, Emmylou.  Traveling Kind                                             COUN HARR TRAV

Herring, Vincent.  Night and Day                                            JAZZ HERR NIGH

Jones, Rickie Lee.  Other Side of Desire                                   POP JONE OTHE

Kuhn, Judy.  Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel                                MUSI RODG

Lambert, Adam.  Original High                                                POP LAMB ORIG

Lecrae.  Anomaly                                                                 INSP LECR ANOM

Lifehouse.  Out of the Wasteland                                          ROCK LIFE OUT

Mantler, Karen.  Business Is Bad                                             JAZZ MANT BUSI

Mika.  No Place In Heaven                                                     ROCK MIKA NO

Mohawke, Hudson.  Lantern                                                  RAP MOHA LANT

Moroder, Giorgio.  Déjà vu                                                     POP MORO DEJA

Musgraves, Kacey.  Pageant Material                                       COUN MUSG PAGE

My Morning Jacket.  The Waterfall                                          ROCK MY WATE

Nelson, Willie.  Django and Jimmie                                           COUN NELS DJAN

Omar, Don.  Last Don II                                                        WORLD SPAN OMAR LAST

Owl City.  Mobile Orchestra                                                    ROCK OWL MOBI

Pitbull.  Dale                                                                        WORLD SPAN PITB DALE

Ravel.  Daphnis Et Chloe                                                        CLAS RAVE DAPH

Redman, Matt.  Unbroken Praise                                             INSP REDM UNBR

Rivera, Chiquis.  Ahora                                                           WORLD SPAN RIVE AHOR

Ruess, Nate.  Grand Romantic                                                 ROCK RUES GRAN

Tamia.  Love Life                                                                  R&B TAMI LOVE

Tenors.  Under One Sky                                                        CLAS TENO UNDE

Tim Berne’s Snakeoil.  You’ve Been Watching Me                      JAZZ TIM YOU’

Twentyone Pilots.  Blurryface                                                 ROCK TWEN BLUR

Vaccines.  English Graffiti                                                       ROCK VACC ENGL

Various.  Now That’s What I Call #1’s                                      ROCK COLL NOW #1

Various.  Nashville Outlaws: Tribute To Motley Crue                   COUN COLL NASH

Various.  Smooth Grooves: The Essential Collection                    R&B COLL SMOO

Various.  Classic America Ballads                                               FOLK COLL CLAS
Various.  Pitch Perfect 2                                                        SOUND PITCH

Various.  Fun Home                                                              MUSI FUN

Various.  Finding Neverland                                                    MUSI FIND

Various.  On the Twentieth Century                                       MUSI ON

Various.  5 Countertenors                                                      CLAS COLL FIVE

Webber, Jullian Lloyd.  And the Bridge Is Love                          CLAS WEBB AND

West, Matthew.  Live Forever                                               INSP WEST LIVE

Wilco.  What’s Your 20? Tracks From 1994-2014                      ROCK WILC WHAT

Yelawolf.  Love Story                                                           RAP YELA LOVE


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