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New Music Releases, July 2015

Bodeans.  I Can’t Stop                                                         ROCK BODE I

Broza, David.  At Masada                                                      WORLD JEWI BROZ AT

Ciara.  Jackie                                                                       R&B CIAR JACK

Currington, Billy.  Summer Forever                                          COUN CURR SUMM

Dawes.  All Your Favorite Bands                                             ROCK DAWE ALL

Diplo & Skrillex.  Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U                      ROCK DIPL SKRI

Django Django.  Born Under Saturn                                        ROCK DJAN BORN

Everclear.  Black Is the New Black                                           ROCK EVER BLAC

Faith No More.  Sol Invictus                                                    ROCK FAIT SOL

Florence + the Machine.  How Big, How Blue....                        ROCK FLOR HOW

Grant, Amy.  Be Still and Know Hymns & Faith                          INSP GRAN BE

Hahn, Hilary.  Mozart 5, Vieuxtemps 4                                     CLAS HAHN MOZA

Hunt, Sam.  Montevallo                                                         COUN HUNT MONT

Jodeci.  Past, the Present, the Future                                     R&B JODE PAST

Lynne, Shelby.  I Can’t Imagine                                              COUN LYNN I

Marling, Laura.  Short Movie                                                    ROCK MARL SHOT

Martino, Pat.  Nexus                                                              JAZZ MART NEXU

McNulty, Chris.  Eternal                                                          JAZZ MCNU ETER

Muse.  Drones                                                                      ROCK MUSE DRON

Of Monsters and Men.  Beneath the Skin                                 ROCK OF BENE

Passion Pit.  Kindred                                                              ROCK PASS KIND

Rae, Delta.  After It All                                                          ROCK RAE AFTE

Sapp, Marvin.  You Shall Live                                                  INSP SAPP YOU

Scaggs, Boz.  A Fool To Care                                                  ROCK SCAG FOOL

Snoop Dog.  Bush                                                                 RAP SNOO BUSH

Stapleton, Chris.  Traveller                                                      COUN STAP TRAV

Strigalev, Zhenya.  Robin Goodie                                              JAZZ STRI ROBI

Taylor, James.  Before This World                                            POP TAYL BEFO

Terrassion, Jacky.  Take This                                                   JAZZ TERR TAKE

Various.  Mahler                                                                    CLAS COLL PIAN

Various.  Now 54                                                                  ROCK COLL NOW 54

Whale.  Album About Nothing                                                RAP WALE ALBU

Wilson, Cassandra.  Coming Forth by Day                                  JAZZ WILS COMI

Yookam, Dwight.  Second Hand Heart                                     COUN YOAK SECO     

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