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New DVD Titles, July 2015

THREE DAY DVDS                                                              SECTION

Beyond the Reach (Michael Douglas)                                  Drama

Chappie                                                                              Sci-Fi

Duff, The                                                                            Comedy

Focus (Will Smith)                                                               Comedy

Forger, The (John Travolta)                                                 Drama

Get Hard (Will Ferrell)                                                           Comedy

Jupiter Ascending (Channing Tatum)                                   Sci-Fi

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Colin Firth)                            Drama

Lazarus Effect, The                                                               Horror

McFarland, USA (Kevin Costner)                                           Drama

PK (Foreign Film – India)                                                      Foreign

Project Almanac                                                                  Sci-Fi

Run All Night (Liam Neeson)                                                Drama

Serena (Bradley Cooper)                                                      Drama

Timbuktu (Foreign Film – France)                                          Foreign

Unfinished Business (Vince Vaughn)                                     Comedy

Welcome To Me (Kristen Wiig)                                              Comedy

While We’re Young (Ben Stiller)                                            Comedy

Wild Tales (Foreign Film – Argentina)                                    Foreign


Antarctica: A Year On Ice                                                    919.89 Ant

House of Cards: Season Three                                             TV Hous Sea3

Justified: Final Season Six                                                    TV Just Sea6

Newsroom: Season Three                                                     TV News Sea3

Pretty Little Liars: Season 5                                                 TV Pret Sea5

Red Army (Soviet Union Hockey Team – Documentary)         947.084 Red

Rizzoli & Isles: Season Five                                                    TV Rizz Sea5


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