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Jacques Cousteau's June Birthday

 Jacques-Yves Cousteau was born in Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac, France on June 11, 1910.  He learned to swim at the age of four and quickly developed a fascination with the water.  After a boarding school education, Cousteau attended the French Naval Academy and served as an officer in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans.  In the 1940’s, he developed the first aqua lung along with French engineer, Emile Gagnan.  This technology allowed divers to spend extended amounts of time underwater.  In 1948, Cousteau took his first expedition.  His work included producing documentaries and television specials, as well as writing books that “brought more attention to the mysteries and attractions [in] the underwater world.”  He founded the Cousteau Society in 1973 to raise awareness about how humans affect ocean life and ecosystems.  Cousteau died in Paris at the age of 87 but his legacy of conservation lives on.        


The library has several titles on Cousteau’s life and work.  In addition, look for our collection of books  and dvds regarding oceans (J551) and sea life (J597).

Manfish: a story of Jacques Cousteau (JB COUSTEAU)

Jacques Cousteau: conserving underwater worlds (JB COUSTEAU)

10 explorers who changed the world (J920 GIFFO)



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