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New Music Releases, May 2015

2Cellos.  Celloverse                                                             CLAS TWO CELL

Alabama Shakes.  Sound & Color                                           ROCK ALAB SOUN

Belle and Sebastian.  Girls In Peacetime                                  ROCK BELL GIRL

Bingham, Ryan.  Fear and Saturday Night                                COUN BING FEAR

Bjork.  Vulnicura                                                                  ROCK BJOR VULN

Death Cab Cutie.  Kintsugi                                                    ROCK DEAT KINT

Drake.  If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late                            RAP DRAK IF

Dylan, Bob.  Shadows In the Night                                         FOLK DYLA SHAD

Earl, Steve & the Dukes.  Terraplane                                      R&B EARL TERR

Gabetta, Sol.  Prayer                                                            CLAS GABE PRAY

Goldberg, Len.  Orphic Machine                                              JAZZ GOLD ORPH

Gov’t Mule.  Sco-Mule                                                           ROCK GOV’T SCO

Groban, Josh.  Stages                                                           POP GROB STAG

Ivy Queen.  Vendetta: The Project                                        WORLD SPAN IVY VEND

King, Elle.  Love Stuff                                                            POP KING LOVE

Manchester, Melissa.  You Gotta Love the Life                          JAZZ MANC YOU

McEntire, Reba.  Love Somebody                                            COUN MCEN LOVE

Modest Mouse.  Strangers To Ourselves                                   ROCK MODE STRA

Moorer, Allison.  Down To Believing                                         COUN MOOR DOWN

Murs, Olly.  Never Been Better                                                POP MURS NEVE

Peters, Gretchen.  Blackbirds                                                  COUN PETE BLAC

Phelps, David.  Freedom                                                         INSP PHEL FREE

Plain White T’s.  American Nights                                             ROCK PLAI AMER

Rixton.  Let the Road                                                             POP RIXT LET

Rucker, Darius.  Southern Style                                               COUN RUCK SOUT

Third Day.  Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship                              INSP THIR LEAD

Three Days of Grace.  Human                                                  ROCK THRE HUMA

Various.  Fifty Shades of Grey (Movie Soundtrack)                      SOUND FIFTY

Various.  Music Inspired By The Story                                       INSP COLL MUSI

Various.  WOW Gospel 2015                                                   INSP COLL WOW 2015

Various.  Now That’s What I Call Movies                                    SOUND NOW

Various.  Ultra Music Festival 2015                                            POP COLL ULTR 2015

Various.  Putumayo Presents Yoga Lounge                               N-AGE COLL PUTU

Vijay Iyer Trio.  Break Stuff                                                     JAZZ VIJA BREA

Wheeler, Kenny.  Songs For Quintet                                        JAZZ WHEE SONG

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