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Need for quiet

There needs to be a chat room for people who congregate and talk non-stop in groups.  This way they don't disturb people trying to read.  This is a very noisy library.  At Nyack Library you can hear a pin drop.

Today's public library is a center of the community, a place where neighbors, friends, and students meet whether by chance or appointment. The staff will enforce the patron code of conduct policy if conversation reaches a volume or duration that proves disruptive to fellow patrons, but we will not shush. 

We are one of the more busy libraries in the county.  Our patrons and staff are engaged, educated, and vibrant people who thrive on social interaction.  We'd hate to squash that.

This is not to say your request is unreasonable.  In fact, we have created a quiet study room on the lower level that you might want to check out.  It's a place where no conversation, group work, or cellphone usage is allowed.  Many of your fellow patrons have found it to be a welcome respite from the noise of modern society.

If you ever feel that the noise level is unacceptable, please come to the adult reference desk for assistance, and a librarian will address your concerns.  Thank you for submitting your comments. - M. Silver, Acting Director

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