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Better Than Google

Remember the Rolodex? If you're no longer in the first flush of youth, you probably do.  It was a handy little tool for keeping track of what you needed to know, such as contact information, handy facts (e.g. the longitude and latitude of New City) and other things you needed to have at your finger tips. Of course, it was a useful little place for librarians to jot down and keep those important bits and pieces of miscellanea for ourselves and our colleagues.  Naturally, it had to be updated for currency.  One year, due to my neat handwriting, I was chosen for this important task.  While New City remains at the same location, other information had to be checked to make sure it was still correct.  I regret to say that I never finished my task and that was partly due to the arrival of the Internet.
The Internet has made the Rolodex a quaint tool of the past, taking its place alongside pen wipers and snoods.  While librarians have made information our stock in trade, we have a lot of help. We can turn to certain useful websites that include the information that we used to keep on our Rolodex.
In particular, Information Rockland www.information.rockland.com is the gateway for information on health and human services in our county. It is a goldmine of information and is easily searchable by keyword or subject. You can also browse by service categories to see lists of services provided by Rockland County.  A nice feature is a translation button that enables you to see the webpages in 17 different languages!  Information Rockland is easily navigated and has such breadth of information that it puts our little old Rolodex to shame.
Another great county site is the official site of Rockland Government, www.rocklandgov.com. You get contact information for various departments, elected officials, transportation and anything else connected with county government.  Our Rolodex would have had to be the size of a hubcap to contain all the information located here. The county has done a great job organizing and presenting this website.  If information is power, these county websites are superheroes.
So, next time you are wondering how to get a passport, when bulk pickup is, or how to find a support group for caregivers, turn to these terrific websites.  Or, you can still call us, your friendly librarians, and we'll be glad to help.  After all, we need something to do, now that we no longer have to update the Rolodex!

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