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New Music Titles, April 2015

Argerich, Martha.  Rachmaninov Music For Two Pianos        CLAS ARGE RACH

Avgerinos, Paul.  Bhakti                                                       N-AGE AVGE BHAK

Brown, Chris.  Fan of a Fan: The Album                                RAP BROW FAN

Bryan, Luke.  Spring Break….Checkin’ Out                            COUN BRAY SPRI

Cher.  Best of Cher                                                               POP CHER BEST

Clarkson, Kelly.  Piece By Piece                                              POP CLAR PIEC

Cline & Lago.  Room                                                             JAZZ CLIN ROOM

Cohen, Avishai.  Dark Nights                                                 JAZZ COHE DARK

Cole, J.  2014 Forest Hills Drive                                             RAP COLE 2014

Collins, Judy.  Both Sides Now                                              FOLK COLL BOTH

Cullum, Jamie.  Interlude                                                      JAZZ CULL INTE

Dahlia, Kat.  My Garden                                                        RAP DAHL MY

Deadmau5.  5 Years of Mau5                                                ROCK DEAD FIVE

Estelle.  True Romance                                                         R&B ESTE TRUE

Evans, Faith.  Incomparable                                                  R&B VAN INCO

Fall Out Boy.  American Beauty/American Psycho                 ROCK FALL AMER

Fences.  Lesser Oceans                                                          ROCK FENC LESS

Fiasco, Lupe.  Tetsuo & Youth                                               RAP FIAS TETS

Fleisher, Leon.  All the Things You Are                                   CLAS FLEI ALL

Imagine Dragons.  Smoke + Mirrors                                      ROCK IMAG SMOK

Jenkins, Katherine.  Home Sweet Home                                 CLAS JENK HOME

Kid Rock.  First Kiss                                                                ROCK KID FIRS

Lone Bellow.  Then Came the Morning                                   ROCK LONE THEN

Madonna.  Rebel Heart                                                          POP MADO REBE

Martin, Ricky.  A Quien Quiera Escuchar                                 World Span Mart Quie

Mavericks, The.  Mono                                                           COUN MAVE MONO

Milky Chance.  Sadnecessary                                                  ROCK MILK SADN

Moss, J.  Grown Folks Gospel                                                  INSP MOSS GROW

Mozart.  Mozart For Relaxation                                              CLAS MOZA MOZA
Ne-Yo.  Non-Fiction                                                                 R&B NEYO NON

Ok Go.  Hungry Ghosts                                                           ROCK OKGO HUNG

Peter, Paul & Mary.  Discovered: Live In Concert                     FOLK PETE DISC
Rice, Damien.  My Favourite Faded Fantasy                             ROCK RICE MY

Schubert.  Winterreise                                                            CLAS SCHU WINT

She & Him.  Classics                                                                POP SHE CLAS
Sleater – Kinney.  No Cities To Love                                        ROCK SLEA NO

Smashing Pumpkins.  Monuments To An Elegy                        ROCK SMAS MONU

Thalia.  Amore Mio                                                                  World Span Thal Amor

Tomlin, Chris.  Love Ran Red                                                   INSP TOML LOVE

Trifonov, Daniil.  Carnegie Recital, The                                     CLAS TRIF CARN

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra.  Music of Bob Brookmeyer               JAZZ VANG OVER

Various.  Only Folk Collection You’ll Ever Need                          FOLK COLL ONLY

Various.  Hamburg ’72                                                             JAZZ COLL HAMB

Various.  Now 53                                                                     ROCK COLL NOW53

Various.  On the Town (New Broadway Cast)                           MUSIC ON THE

Various.  Honeymoon In Vegas                                                MUSIC HONEY

Various.  New Year’s Concert 2015                                          CLAS COLL NEW 2015

Various.  ShadyXV                                                                   RAP COLL SHAD

Vincent, Rhonda.  Only Me                                                      COUN VINC ONLY

Wilson, Charlie.  Forever Charlie                                               R&B WILS FORE

Wu-Tang Clan.  A Better Tomorrow                                         ROCK WU BETT


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