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Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day was originally established to celebrate the birth of George Washington on February 22nd.  But since the 1960's, this holiday honors all past and present U.S. Presidents on the third Monday in February.  If you would like to learn more about our country's leaders, look for some of these titles the next time you visit the library:

Presidents' Day (J394.261 PRE MAR)

If I were the President (J352.23 TRO)

Who works at the White House? (J975.3 KEN)

If the walls could talk: Family life at the White House (J973 OCO)

George Washington's teeth (J973.4 CHA)

The impossible patriotism project (JP Skeers)

Mr. President goes to school (JP Walton)

Arthur meets the President (JP Brown)

Madame President (JP Smith)

Abe Lincoln's dream (JP Smith)

Capital Mysteries-series (J Roy)

Kid who ran for President (J Gutman)

American Presidents-series (JDVD 973.09 AME)

The first Presidents: Fathers of a nation (JDVD 973.09 FIR)

United States government: The executive branch (JDVD 321.8 UNI)

The animated hero classics: George Washington (JDVD B WASHINGTON) 


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