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Beyond Books: New Monday Film Series

As many of our patrons already know, we have our Director's Film Series on Thursdays at 1:00.  Now we have a new film series called Monday Movies at 2:00, hosted by yours truly, your AV librarian.

Over the last year I have periodically filled in for our Director on a Thursday with a film I have chosen, usually a documentary.  These films were so well-received that I decided to start showing films on Monday’s which have a different focus than Mitch’s films

My first series, which is going on at the present time, is foreign films.  So far we have viewed “Ida”, a Polish film which is nominated for this year’s Oscars in the Foreign Film category.  Our second film was “Wadja” which was made in Saudi Arabia.  Not only was this the first feature length film ever produced in this country, but the director was a woman; unheard of in Saudi Society.

Our next film, on Monday February 9th, will be “The Lunchbox” a film made in India.  It tells the story of how a young housewife and an older man, build a fantasy world together through notes delivered to him, instead of her husband, in the daily lunchbox she prepares.  A delightful film which shows the famous Mumbai lunchbox delivery system.

Our last film, on February 23rd , will be “Omar” a film from Palestine.  A young Palestinian freedom fighter agrees to work as an informant for the Israeli government and serious consequences ensue.

In March and April I will be starting a new film series called “They Died Too Young”.  These will be films starring actors and actresses we lost too early in their lives and careers.  May will bring the showing of two more documentaries, “Next Year In Jerusalem” and “Life Itself” a biographical film on the life of film critic Roger Ebert.

Last, but not least, is one of my favorite nights of television (other than the Superbowl)…the Oscars!  This year they will be shown on Sunday, February 22nd at 7:00PM on ABC.  If you love movies, as I do, this is a night to sit back, eat a big bowl of popcorn, and enjoy.

Until next time…….

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