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January 2015 New Fiction Audiobooks

BCD Anderson
     Vanishing Season
by Jodi Lynn Anderson.  Read by Cassandra Campbell.  6 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Baldacci
     The Escape
by David Baldacci. Read by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy.  13 discs.  15 hours.

BCD Bezmozgis
by David Bezmozgis.  Read by Christopher Lane.  6 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Clare
     The Bane Chronicles
by Cassandra Clare.  Read by various readers.  11 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Connelly
    The Burning Room
by Michael Connelly.  Read by Titus Welliver.  8 discs.  10 hours.

BCD Dashner
    The Rule of Thoughts
by James Dashner.  Read by Erik Davies.  8 discs.  10 hours.

      Captivated by You
by Sylvia Day.  Read by Jill Redfield and Jeremy York.  10 discs.  12 hours.

MP3 Mystery Estleman
     You Know Who Killed Me
by Loren D. Estleman.  Read by Mel Foster.  One disc.  6+ hours.

BCD Science Fiction Faber
     The Book of Strange New Things
by Michel Faber.  16 discs.  19+ hours.

MP3 Mystery Francis
     Dick Francis’s Damage
by Felix Francis.  Read by Michael Neilson.  One disc.  10 hours.

BCD Mystery Higashino
by Keigo Higashino.  Read by Jeff Woodman.  6 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Hood
     An Italian Wife
by Ann Hood.  Read by Cassandra Campbell.  7 discs.  9 hours.

BCD King
    Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future
by A.S. King.  Read by Christine Lakin.  6 discs.  6+ hours.

MP3 Manko
     The Invention of Exile
by Venessa Manko.  Read by Kevin Orton.  One disc.  9+ hours.

MP3 Michaels
     Eyes Only
by Fern Michaels.  Read by Laural Merlington.  One disc.  8+ hours.

BCD Myers
      On a Clear Day
by Walter Dean Myers.  Read by Rebecca Soler.  5 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Patterson
     Homeroom Diaries
by James Patterson and Lis Papademetriou.  Read by Lauren Fortgang.  4 discs.  4 hours.

BCD Patterson
    Hope to Die
by James Patterson.  Read by Michael Boatman and Scott Sowers.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

MP3 Mystery Perry
     Blood on the Water
by Anne Perry.  Read by David Colacci.  2 discs.  11+ hours.

MP3 Mystery Quinn
     Paw and Order
by Spencer Quinn.  Read by Jim Frangione.  One disc.  9+ hours.

MP3 Robards
by Karen Robards.  Read by Cassandra Campbell.  One disc.  13 hours.

BCD Rothfuss
     The Slow Regard of Silent Things
by Patrick Rothfuss.  Read by the author.  3 discs.  3 hours.

MP3 Russell
      Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead
by S. Thomas Russell.  Read by Daniel Philpott.  2 discs.  13+ hours.

BCD Sandford
by John Sandford and Michele Cook.  Read by Tara Sands.  10 discs.  11+ hours.

BCD Scottoline
by Lisa Scottoline. Read by Maria Bello.  10 discs.  12 hours.

BCD Science Fiction Shirley
     Halo: Broken Circle
by John Shirley.  Read by Scott Brick.  10 discs.  10+ hours.

BCD Smiley
    Some Luck
by Jane Smiley.  Read by Lorelei King. 12 discs.  15 hours.

BCD Smith
    Desert God
by Wilbur Smith.  Read by Mike Grady.  14 discs.  15 hours.

BCD Stiefvater
     Blue Lily, Lily Blue
by Maggie Stiefvater.  Read by Will Patton.  9 discs.  10+ hours.

MP3 Taylor
    Gut Instinct
by Brad Taylor.  Read by Rich Orlow and Henry Strozier.  One disc.  1+ hour.

BCD Taylor
     An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War
by Patrick Taylor.  Read by John Keating.  11 discs.  13+ hours.

BCD Toibin
    Nora Webster
by Colm Toibin.  Read by Fiona Shaw.  10 discs.  10+ hours.

BCD Weitz
    The Young World
by Chris Weitz.  Read by Jose Julian and Spencer Locke.  8 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD Westerfeld
by Scott Westerfeld.  Read by Heather Lind and Sheetal Sheth.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD Wolitzer
by Meg Wolitzer.  Read by Jorjeana Marie.  7 discs.  8 hours.

BCD Mystery Woods
     Cut and Thrust
by Stuart Woods.  Read by Tony Roberts.  6 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Zail
    Playing for the Commandant
by Suzy Zail.  Read by Emily Foster.  5 discs.  5+ hours.

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