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New Music Titles, January 2015

ACDC.  Rock or Bust                                                             ROCK ACDC ROCK

Allen, Kris.  Horizons                                                              POP ALLE HORI

Alpert, Herb.  In the Mood                                                     JAZZ ALPE IN

Black Bananas.  Electric Brick Wall                                            ROCK BLAC ELEC

Blige, Mary.  London Sessions                                                  R&B BLIG LOND

Cab, Cris.  Where I Belong                                                      ROCK CAB WHER

Chenoweth, Kristin.  Coming Home                                          POP CHEN COMI

Cohen, Leonard.  Popular Problems                                          FOLK COHE POPU

Danity Kane.  DK3                                                                 R&B DANI DK3

Doobie Brothers.  Southbound                                                ROCK DOOB SOUT

Francis, Dillion.  Money Sucks Friends Rule                                 ROCK FRAN MONE

Gerrard, Alice.  Follow the Music                                              FOLK GERR FOLL

Harper, Darryl.  Need’s Got To Be So Deep                               JAZZ HARP NEED

Mendes, Sergio.  Magic                                                          JAZZ MEND MAGI

Mostly Other People.  Blue                                                     JAZZ MOST BLUE

Pink Floyd.  Endless River                                                        ROCK PINK ENDL

Preatures.  Blue Planet Eyes                                                    ROCK PREA BLUE

Rimes, Leann.  One Christmas Chapter 1                                    HOLI RIME ONE

Ross, Rick.  Hood Billionaire                                                      RAP ROSS HOOD

Underwood, Carrie.  Greatest Hits: Decade #1                           COUN UNDE GREA

Various.  Annie                                                                      SOUND ANNIE

Various.  Truckin Sessions Trilogy                                             COUN COLL TRUC

Various.  Christmas at Downton Abbey                                      HOLI COLL CHRI

Various.  Café Del Mundo                                                        WORLD INTER PUTU CAFÉ

Various.  Piano Duos                                                               CLAS MOZA PIAN

Wainwright III, Loudon.  Haven’t Got the Blues Yet                    POP WAIN HAVE

Yearwood, Trisha.  Prizefighter Hit After Hit                               COUN YEAR PRIZ


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