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What's Cooking?: Holiday Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Holiday Chocolate Covered Pretzels

The holidays are here and there is so much to plan and prepare.  I look forward to baking the traditional Christmas cookies every season.  However, this year I am scaling down aiming for simplicity and to enjoy the meaning of Christmas.  Less stress overall.  That’s why chocolate-covered pretzels are sensational treats to make for the holidays.  I recently made white chocolate-dipped pretzels rods as party favors for a baby shower in the pink and baby blue color theme, and they were a big hit.  I thought these were just the perfect holiday treats to share as gifts with family and friends or serve at any holiday gathering.  Packaged in individual cellophane bags made just for pretzel rods and tied in a festive ribbon or just laid out on a holiday tray or standing in a tall mug, they are great gifts to teachers or to bring to work for that holiday party. These white or dark chocolate-covered pretzels rods decorated with Christmas colors of red, green, and white sugar will glitter the festivities.  Similarly, the varied use of blue and white against an elegant silver tray will dress up any Chanukah celebration.

The simplicity of making these chocolate-covered pretzels during this busy holiday season is that the recipe requires no baking, two basic ingredients (chocolate and pretzels), and three easy steps (melt the chocolate, spread over pretzels, and decorate).  Best of all is that they are affordable and sooo much fun to make, especially with kids.   I had more fun making them than eating them!  No need for a double boiler to melt the chocolate. The microwave melts the chocolate in under a minute.  I prefer to use pretzel rods (long and short ones) but feel free to try the other shapes.  White chocolate provides the perfect canvas to spritzes of red- or green-colored chocolate, or colored sugar sprinkles, nonpareils or jimmies.  I also like to decorate with crushed candy canes or nuts or toffee bits.  Decorating them brings endless possibilities of creativity, and the process can be done quickly with some organization.  A few tips that may make it easier – decorate the sugar sprinkles over a bowl so that what falls in it can be reused, add a little vegetable shortening to the chocolate before melting for a smoother consistency, and  be sure to let them set on a waxed paper-covered tray for about 15 minutes before handling them.  What I love most about chocolate-covered pretzels is the unique and delicious combination of salty and sweet! The taste becomes addictive.  Happy Holidays!





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