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Better Than Google

Are you getting ready to sell your old clunker?  Are you buying a new car?  If so, how do you know what is a fair price to ask or pay? 
For years, patrons would come to the reference desk for the little yellow books (the National Association of Auto Dealers, otherwise known as NADA) or the little Kelley Blue Books to check prices on new and used cars, including trade-in values. No longer must they come to the library, because you can access this information from home.  You can either log-on to the New City Library database page,and click on these listings, or, skip that step and log-on directly to kbb.org or nadaguides.com.
Kelley Blue Books is a free site and does accept automobile advertising--no surprise there.  However, it is very easy to find prices on new and used cars, customized to your specifications and zip codes.  In addition, it is a trusted source that librarians have used for years.
NADA is another free site that offers a good comparison to Kelley.  They acknowledge that their prices show as consistently lower than Kelleys, but refuse to speculate why this is so. Librarians also consider this a very reliable source.
Using Kelleys and NADA in conjunction with Consumer Reports should give you the ammunition you need to negotiate with the dreaded car salesman. Information is a powerful tool and you want to be armed with it when you are waiting for the salesman to come back from "checking" with his manager.


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