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Director’s Report to the Board of Trustees for October

1. Roof Project – Update

A number of formalities remain, but work should begin shortly on replacing 7 of the 8 roofs on the library.  The eighth one covers the addition to the building.  Since it is much newer it is in good shape.  All of the others will be replaced over the next month weather conditions permitting.  No work can be done in the rain.

Concerns were raised over the legally required signs that indicated that asbestos will be removed as part of the overall roof removal process.  It is our understanding that there is no danger from the asbestos removal.  GEO Environmental has the specific contractual responsibility to examine the completed project for any asbestos issues.  The asbestos removal is being done by a subcontractor of Precision Roof Inc. The subcontractor specializes in asbestos removal. All of the workers are certified and licensed by the state.

At some point, there may be odors detected in the building. The odors will be the result of the new roof being glued down.

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The fundamental point is that the asbestos is embedded in the glue of the roofing material located around the perimeter of the building.  All of the roofing material including the perimeter area will be removed in two foot by two foot squares.  These substantial chunks of roofing will militate against the possibility of asbestos particles becoming airborne. 

The other point is that the workers walking on the roof and cutting the roofing material cannot generate roofing material chunks or particles that could enter the internal library space.  There is a solid steel base on which the roofing was laid.  That steel base completely separates the roof from the dropped ceilings in the library.  Further the acoustic ceiling tiles below the dropped ceiling create yet another barrier of separation.  It is our understanding that the roofing material with the glue embedded material cannot come down into the library in chunks or in particles because of that steel separation, not to mention the added barriers below the steel formed by the dropped ceiling and acoustical tiles.

Another control element is that all of the ‘squares’ of roofing material will be discarded into a dumpster located next to the library.  There will be a totally enclosed chute through which the roofing material will travel to the dumpster.

We have been given to believe that the multiple measures described here should ensure that the staff and public will not be exposed to any asbestos particles.

2. Long Range Plan

The contract has been signed between Library Development Solutions and the New City Library.  A planning committee of nine people will be appointed: three people representing the staff, three trustees and three members of the public.

Alan Burger of LDS will meet with the committee to go over the format of the study and to draft plans for the first focus group.

3.      Union Contract

A major initiative for the fiscal year 2014-2015 will be the negotiation by the Board and management with the New City Library Staff Association of a new agreement.  The current agreement expires June 30, 2015.

4.      Friends of the New City Library

I am happy to give thanks for the efforts of Robert Knight, a past President of the New City Library Friends and George Jacobson, New City Library Board of Trustees Liaison, for organizing the first meeting of a revived Friends of the New City Library which was held Thursday, October 2nd.  There was an excellent turnout.  All of the chairs in the conference room were filled.  Aside from one Mr. Jacobson and three library staff present, the rest of the attendees were patrons of the Library who were interested in learning about and participating in the new New City Library Friends.

A second meeting has been scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Monday, November 17, 2014. Want more information before the meeting?

 5. 2014-2015 Budget and Grant Applications

Now that next year’s budget was approved by the Board and submitted on time to the Clarkstown School Board of Elections; the grant application for State Aid for the roof was submitted to the Ramapo-Catskill Library System; and the NWC proposals for support of the roof project have been presented to Senator Carlucci and Assemblyman Zebrowski, we must wait and see how things work out.  We can and should advocate for the approval of the budget when it is put to a vote in December.  Certainly, community members as appropriate can contact the two members of the Legislature and urge their support of the Library request for legislative support of the roofing project.

That is where these funding initiatives stand right now.

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