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Henry Ford and the Model T

Henry Ford's Model T automobile went into production for the first time on October 1, 1908 in Detroit, Michigan.  To honor this auspicious day in American manufacturing history, come to the library for car related books and DVDs.                       

Popular titles to look for include:

1-2-3 Va-va-room (JP Lynn)

And the cars go.... (JP Bee)

Mater's birthday surprise (JE Disney)

Chitty chitty bang bang (JF Fleming)


Alternative cars (J629.22 WHE)

From iron to car (J629.2 ZEM)

Cars (J629.22 SUT)

Driven: a photobiography of Henry Ford (JB Ford)


The big auto plant (JDVD 629.22 BIG)

Hard Hat Harry’s race cars and monster trucks (JDVD 629.3 HAR)

How to draw cars and trucks (J743.896 COU)




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