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Better Than Google

Just in time for school, I am delighted to introduce our new database Bloom's Literature, but you don't have to be a student to love it.  Anyone who has an interest in literature will find much to explore on this wonderful resource.  Containing more than 20,000 critical essays from journals and books, you will also find more than 13,000 biographies, 5,000 synopses of literary works and hundreds of images and videos.
Of course, students will be most appreciative of the scope and variety of resources presented in this database.  It is comprehensive and carries the brand of Harold Bloom, one of the foremost literary scholars of our time. Imagine having to do a paper on Othello, and finding hundreds of overviews and synopses, analyses and criticism, topics and themes, and even video presentations of academics commenting on the play and snipets of a performance.  All of this is available without stepping a foot in the library. Remember when the first one in the library would grab all the books on your topic?  No more. E-books have made this a thing of the past. Have you put off your work until the last minute? No worries! Even when the library is closed, our electronic databases never do.  Just log-on with your library card and get to work.
For those who school days are a distant memory, you can still find a lot of use for Bloom's Literature. For example, if you are going to see a play, or discuss a book, you may find a great deal of pertinent information that will enhance your experience. You can watch a full length performance of more than 100 classic plays such as The Andersonville Trial, Death of a Salesman, or Antigone.  Film adaptions of Jane Eyre, Julius Caesar, The Picture of Dorian Gray, not only make literature come alive, but provide hours of enjoyment.
Named one of the best databases of 2013 by Library journal, the library is proud to offer this stellar database to our patrons.  Both students and non-students will be sure to admit that this is definitely better than Google.

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