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Director’s Report to the Board of Trustees for May

  • AV Project:  It’s definitely in the homestretch.  The carpet and almost all of the ceiling and interior work in the lower level has been completed.  The date of the Board meeting, 5/15/2014, is when the shelving for the lower level will be delivered and installed now that the lower level work is close to completion. 
  • Once installed the Books on CD, Romances, and Playaways will be moved from the meeting room to the new shelving in the lower level.   In addition additional shelves were ordered for the first floor to promote easy browsing by eliminating as much as possible the bottom shelves for AV materials.  This should complete almost all of the renovations and changes to the adult services department lower level and first floor.
  • The children’s department is waiting for the replacement furniture that arrived damaged earlier.  The three big items are the iPad table, the computer table, and a single section of single-faced shelving for games.  Once these pieces are in place—expected by the end of the month—the children’s room will be pretty much done.


  •  The financial targets have been met for the AV Project.  The state has approved as grant-related expenses all but a few of the past and yet-to-be completed work and purchases.  The New City Library should comfortably meet its targets.  We will provide to the Board at its June meeting the fully completed report and financial records for the AV Project accompanied by the staff recommendation of approval.  The material will then be submitted to RCLS and to the State, and the project will be complete.


  • Roof: The report on the roof is in progress and it is expected in the near future.  The McDonald recommendations will give the Board a road map and recommendations on how to proceed.
  • The AV Materials: Virtually all of the AV materials have been reprocessed and moved to the new AV shelving.  The only exceptions are for the materials awaiting the additional sections for Children’s and Adult Services. 
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