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Beyond Books: Do You Freegal?

Huh?  What's a Freegal?

Freegal is a downloadable music service which provides access to the songs of the artists listed in the Sony Music catalog.

Though we have been providing this service to our patrons for a few years we find that many individuals still do not know about this wonderful product.

If you have a New City Library card you can go to our website www.newcitylibrary.org.  The first tab is "Find an Item".  A drop-down menu will appear in which downloadable music is an option.  Click on that and, "voila", you are on the Freegal Music website.  Now, to actually get into the site you will need your New City Library card barcode and your pin - which is the last four digits of your primary phone number (unless you,  yourself, have changed it sometime in the past).

Now the fun begins!  You are allowed to download five songs per week for each individual library card.  These songs, once downloaded, are yours to keep and use as you want.  They do not "expire" and they do not "disappear" from whatever device or site you have put the songs on.  You can search by "new releases", "genres", "artists", "albums", etc.  If they are signed to the Sony Music label, they will be on the Freegal website.

I encourage everyone who hasn't tried Freegal yet to do so.  It costs you (the patron) absolutely nothing and, again, you get to keep all the music you download.  A win-win situation for all!

Until next time......

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